Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 Bloggers

Our international live-blogger-crew delivers news during the world's toughest hard enduro rallye.

- reporting directly from the track
- providing daily live coverage on ALL competitors classes
- when and where it's happening during the event
- Photos, Videos and Stories

 Follow the action from dawn until the Red Bull Romaniacs competitors reach the finish line.

The 2017 bloggers webpage opens at the Prolog 'Time trial qualifications' 25 July.   


Jo Wolframm aka "Dr. Dirt"

During the week Jo sits in front of a computer screen most of the time.

At weekends the 46 year old looses no opportunity to go offroad with his enduro motorbike. His offroad passion is mirrored in his blog .


Cliff Vizer

 Experiencing the Romaniacs first hand has been on Cliff’s bucket list for quite some time and he’s very excited about the opportunity to work in the 2017 blogger team. This year is particularly special for Cliff as he works for Touratech in the product development and was deeply involved in the build of the R9X piloted by Gerhard Forster.  

Alex Schoenborn

45-year-old Alex is coordinating the marketing activities of bike-accessories manufacturer TOURATECH for many years. In his spare time he enjoys going out on his Enduro. 2010 and 2011 Alex competed in the Red Bull Romaniacs hobby single class. In 2014 as Iron class rider, he finished the new Iron class.

Lisa Bolton

Lisa will be blogging for the fourth time at Red Bull Romaniacs this year.

Working freelance as teacher and school inspector in the UK, she has the freedom to travel to the best hard enduro destinations around the world with her husband, Gold class rider Paul Bolton.

Lisa also loves to snowboard, mountain bike and ride trials.



Eve Bugl

 Eve enjoys to be outside and loves the sound and smell of dirtbikes.

During the week she works for Enduro touroperator xpower but in her spare time you find her trying to become better on her own bike.

It's her second time as a blogger at Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye.


Bogdan "Brylu" Brylynski

2017 it's his ninth Red Bull Romaniacs as a press officer and fifth time in the bloggers team. He is the "local" guy in the bloggers team and when he has some free time he is working as a journalist for a local newspaper in Sibiu.
Bogdan's website


Julia Uebelhoer

 Julia works as a Marketing and Social Media Manager in the middle of Stuttgart city.  That’s why she likes to escape into the dirt to take enduro pictures.

 Together with her boyfriend Dominique and his dad Günter Essig she’s organizing  the EnduroXevents triple crown, a local endurocross series in the south of Germany.  After her boyfriend competed three times in the rally she’s exited to find out what  the Romaniacs is all about !

Ian Rowley

Ian, originally from England, works in the R&D department of motorcycle accessories specialist Touratech. With 45 years of offroad experience, he has been a dedicated trials rider from childhood days. About 20 years ago he also discovered the fun of enduro riding. He has competed in many different events including the Red Bull Romaniacs in the expert class and was a finisher at the Erzberg Hare Scramble.

Dr. Christoph Schade

After 14 years of riding on the Tracks of the Romaniacs as Flying Doctor in the First Aid Team,

Chris is "retiring" and facing new challenges as Blogger, learning new tricks with his recently aquired i phone.  


Susan Mould

From the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia, Susan owns and operates Canadian Powder Tours ski and mountain bike lodge. She guides in the mountains and is an adventure seeker.

When she is not on skis she likes to be spinning on 2 wheels, riding dirt bikes is something she is passionate about, continually eating other peoples dirt as she tries to get faster.

Working with the racers and on the Redbull Romaniacs team is the event of the year for this Canadian !



Andrej Justus

A filmmaker and photographer in search of the next adventure, now on the Redbull Romaniacs. 

25 years old and is studying at the University of Mainz in the Department of Film. 

His motto: "The more epic the better".


  • Autoritatea Nationala pentru Turism
  • Mitas 3D 2017
  • Liqui Moly
  • Enduro for Romania

Breaking News:


Autograph session Tuesday 16.30

Autograph session Tuesday 16.30 at the "Enduro for Romania" flea market tent located in the access area to the Prolog, close to the riders’ paddock. 

You will meet there: Graham Jarvis, Alfredo Gomez, Jonny Walker, Wade Young, Mario Roman, Billy Bolt. 


2 zile pana la startul celui mai dificil raliu hard enduro din lume

Marti, 25 iulie, la ora 17:00, pe Bd-ul Coposu din centrul Sibiului se va da startul in cea de a 14-a editie a Red Bull Romaniacs. Cel mai dificil raliu hard enduro din lume debuteaza cu Prologul urban, in care riderii lupta pentru un loc cat mai bun pe ordinea de start a primei zile de off-road....


Red Bull Romaniacs App - updates 2016 to 2017 - ready to install

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Red Bull Romaniacs 2016, duminică, ora 14.30 la

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Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 - Die Wilde

Neue Extreme, Wohltätigkeit und die wildeste Party

Hermannstadt, Rumänien, 12. July 2017 – Die relativ junge Sportart “Extreme Enduro” wächst rasant: sowohl in der Zahl der Fahrer, der Fans als auch in der Anzahl der angebotenen Veranstaltungen. Die Red Bull Romaniacs war eine der ersten Rallyes,...