The Prolog - Tuesday July 24

Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu, Sibiu
08:30 Start time trial qualifications  
17:00 Start Finals 

Prolog valuation

  • Results of the Prolog determine the starting order for the first offroad day.
  • The fastest 35 competitors from Gold, Silver & Bronze class compete in the 'Prolog Finals'.
  • The Podium winners(by rank) at the 'Prolog Finals presentation' select the starting order they prefer from the first three places on ''offroad day 1''. All other competitors starting order is selected in order of Prolog results ranking.

  • If a Gold, Silver or Bronze competitor does not start(DNS) or does not finish(DNF) the ''Prolog time trial qualification'' he or she will receive a 15 minute penalty added to their Prolog+offroad day 1 "Overall results".

  • Each Gold, Silver or Bronze class competitor after the Prolog class winner will have the below minutes added into their Prolog+offroad day 1 "Overall results".

Rank       minutes                 
1             0:00        Rank       minutes
2             1:00         6             4:30            
3             2:00         7             5:00
4             3:00         8             5:30
5             4:00         9             6:00
                             10            6:30     

Rank        minutes                 
11             6:45        Rank       minutes        
12             7:00        24            10:00
13             7:15        25            10:15        
14             7:30        26            10:30
15             7:45        27            10:45
16             8:00        28            11:00
17             8:15        29            11:15
18             8:30        30            11:30                
19             8:45        31            11:45
20             9:00        32            12:00
21             9:15        33            12:15
22             9:30        34            12:30
23             9:45        35            12:45

Rank        minutes 
36 to 600  15:00

Prolog rules & regulations

  • Each competitor starts the ''Prolog qualification trial'' in competitor allocated race number order.

  • Gold class - 2 qualification runs - the fastest run counts for the result and the starting order for the "Finals race". Note: If the time trial qualifications is running late, there is a possibility only one qualification run may take place. So competitors please ensure first run is good.
    Silver class and Bronze Class - 1 qualification run - this run counts for the result and starting order for the "Finals race".
    Iron Class 1 qualification run - For competitors who wish to compete in the prolog (not mandatory) - this counts for the starting order for offroad
    day 1 

  • The fastest 35 competitors from Gold Silver & Bronze classes compete in the 'Prolog Finals'.

    The 35 competitors in each class who have qualified for the “Prolog finals” races can see their BIB number, name and their rank & starting row position in the Prolog Finals- rank layout online on the:-
    - Red Bull Romaniacs app
    - results pages on the Red Bull Romaniacs website.

    Printed results of the Prolog "Time trial qualifications'' race will also be provided on the results notice board in the race HQ and at the entrance to the 'competitor paddock'' 90 minutes after the ''Prolog time qualification trials'' are completed.

    The competitors ranking from the 'Prolog time trial qualifications' provide priority to select a starting position in the 'Prolog Final'.

  • Competitors must wear the provided Red Bull Romaniacs ''BIB race numbers'' on the rear of their race shirt. 


Walk & inspect the Prolog track (no motorcycles) 07:30 - 8:00

Bronze class - Start at 8:30
Motorcycles and competitors to "start line" at 08:00

Silver Class - Start at 10:00
Motorcycles and competitors to "start line" at 09:30

Gold Class - Start at 11:00
Motorcycles and competitors to "start line" at 10:30

Iron class - start at 11:30
Motorcycles and competitors to "start line" at 11:00
 It is NOT mandatory for Iron Class competitors to compete in the Prolog, they will not be penalised for not competing. if they wish to voluntarily compete in 1 qualification run in the 'Time trial qualifications' the results will provide them with an earlier offroad day 1 starting time.

               Prolog Finals

Start at 17:00
All motorcycles and competitors to the "start line" at 16:30
Park your motorcycles in the designated area for your class

Bronze class - Start at 17:00
Silver Class
Gold Class

  • Each race consists of as many laps competitors can complete in:-
    - Gold class ''15 minutes plus 1 lap''
    - Silver and Bronze classes - ''10 minutes plus 1 lap"'
  • 35 competitors compete from each class race.
    - The starting line is 5 competitors across the start line and 7 rows of competitors behind.
    - Each competitor starting place is based on the 35 competitors ''Prolog time trial qualification' results ranking.  The fastest time being allowed to select a preferred starting place followed by the next competitors for each row of 7.
  • The Red Bull Arch is the starting line, the starting straight to the 'right hand corner lap counter' is counted as the first lap, all other laps are counted from this 'lap scoring corner' until the Finish flag is waved.
  • Jump starting – first time warning, second time disqualification.
  • The first three winning riders in each class must attend “prize giving celebrations” after the Prolog Finals at the Red Bull finish Arch. Failure to attend will result in a last starting place in the offroad day 1 race.
  • 'Chicken lines' during time trial qualifications may not be available during Prolog finals. 
  • All competitor motorcycles need to be parked in the designated parking area. (behind the starting line)
  • Warning !- Competitors do not leave ANY of your personal bike equipment beside your motorbike if you go to watch the Prolog -  Keep them safe with you.
  • Autoritatea Nationala pentru Turism
  • Liqui Moly
  • Enduro for Romania

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