Enduro for Romania” charity project

Even though the standards in Romania have grown much closer to what we are used to in Western-Europe, there is still a lot of poverty and desperation in the rural areas. Despite the poverty - for many years now, people keep welcoming our event in their neighborhoods – with hospitality and enthusiastic support for the competitors. Having started in 2016, we are raising funds to support those in need - in the remote areas, for example by renovating schools, equipping medical-aid points and delivering supplies.

To raise the necessary funds, we hosted a flea-market with used and excess Enduro gear during the 2016 Red Bull Romaniacs. We encouraged our competitors and visitors to bring anything they can spare: for a good cause! We all have boxes full of unused equipment, memorabilia and sponsor articles in the basement: we collected it during the event and threw-in our own stuff - to host a huge Enduro-Flea-Market! The concept was a success and will be continued into the coming years.

Our first help-project:
“Enduro for Romania”: In 2016 we have started to raise funds to support those in need - and we had asked for the support of our riders and fans. The response was nothing but awesome!! The Red Bull Romaniacs community contributed lots of used gear and even cash! With this support, we were able to raise about EUR 6.000. The check was handed over in August 2016 to the Sibiu County Hospital Neonatology and Premature Baby Department! It was a very emotional moment: The money will be used for the purchase of screening devices (oximeters) for early detection of congenital heart malformations and will start saving baby-lives soon! Thank you so much!

“Congenital heart malformations are the most common congenital anomalies detected in newborns (9 out of 1000 live births). Of these 17% are congenital heart malformations that evolve with cyanosis and can be easily detected by clinical examination. Not all congenital malformations of the heart show symptoms in the neonatal period, early detection rate in more recent years and has decreased the number of losses due to heart abnormalities, heart failure and increased survival rates in new born babies. Most critical cases can be determined by clinical examination and pulse oximetry, confirmed by echocardiography and treatment may be given, a provisional prostaglandin E, hospitalization in a cardio vascular surgical department and corrective surgical palliative remedies."- Livia Ognean, MD Neonatology

We will keep collecting donations until the 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs and then start all over again! If you want to contribute:

With used gear: keep it in storage and bring it for the next Enduro-Flea-Market.

With cash: Donation account from our association „hai la miscare“ (in EUR):
RO44 RZBR 0000 0600 1882 7107

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