Thank you for your interest to compete in the 2016 Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye.

Registration is still open for Gold class and Iron class Click HERE to Register.

Sorry we have had to close the event Registration for
- Silver class & Bronze class

 The demand for starting places at Red Bull Romaniacs has again been higher than we have starting places available, we are sorry if you wished to compete in the 13th Edition in July 2016 but are now not able to.  

If you wish to experience Red Bull Romaniacs / Sibiu / Romania in 2016, you still have the following options:-

  • Click HERE to contact enduro tour operators who provide guided tours and get in some offroad riding.  Visit some of the spectator points and watch the Prolog, celebrate with competitors at the finish and award giving ceremony.

  • If you have special qualifications and are EXTREMELY motivated to help us with the tracks. Contact

  • Come visit Sibiu as a spectator and discover Romania as a tourist.

  • Follow our extensive media and TV coverage from home and watch Red Bull Romaniacs via the website, view news on Romaniacs facebook.

If you think you have ''special enduro talent''. And a good reason why we should offer you a chance to compete in the 2016 Red Bull Romaniacs then please send an email to me with an explanation why.

Cristina Badiu
Mobile: +40 (0)731 270 887
Skype I.D badiucristina

Race Steward
Red Bull Romaniacs Team

  • Mitas
  • Liqui Moly
  • sibiu the heart of transilvania
  • Goldentyre 55x55

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