Guide Jobs at Red Bull Romaniacs

Most offroad riders around Sibiu are already involved in Red Bull Romaniacs.

At "checkpoints", at "tank points", with "track managers" marking the track, we need more motorbikes, ATV´s and 4x4 for mountain rescue, and a 100 other tasks.

In order to realize all these tasks what we need is even more off road riders to assist and support the essential activities during the hard enduro rallye to keep this a quality World Class event.

The co-operation is a benefit for both sides, we provide you with an unforgettable time, an adventure, and an opportunity like no other, with immediate closest to the stars of the enduro rallye and offroad world, and the chance to enjoy the very special atmosphere of this event.

We have need of everyone, from "Street Bike cruisers" for urgent HDD TV camera memory card(s) delivery service, to "rescue ATV drivers" and competitive Enduro riders as a event Pre-runners.

What are the activities needed?:
Pre-runners:  are skilled Enduro riders driving at high  level competition standard.  Pre-runners are in 3 teams of operation, they ride before the competitors, open garden fences, and warn owners of horses and carts that competitors are coming.   In this job you must be able to ride at race speed for about third of the entire Red Bull Romaniacs race, so must have good pace and fitness.

Camera and photographic guide: This requires medium riding abilities. The cameramen and photographers are entirely untrained offroad riders and need assistance to navigate them to pre determined camera points.  Camera points can be reached mostly on soft Enduro tracks to the most spectacular points which will be shown on daily TV news and sport channels and on our DVD production made each year.

Chip and TV cassettes Transportation: This can be done by almost any motorcycle, with Street machines or street trail bikes. At various points, the camera men provide data(on memory cards) from the camera which is sent directly to our film production centre in Sibiu for daily early evening TV network coverage.

Live blogging guide: For Life tracking there is also a "blogging", as kind of story additional to the moving dots (riders) on the mini tracker map.  The journalists at the track collect live happening information from checkpoints or spectator points.

Rescue guide: Intermediate skills required. The guide accompanies the Rescue Bike traveling doctors, paramedics and mountain rescuers.    On difficult passages the guide shall help the physician to pass that section or avoid difficult sections.

Rescue drivers (ATV, 4x4) along the 150 km circuit are about 15 points where vehicles of offroad ground rescue teams are positioned. Appropriately if bad weather conditions or in wooded areas, where a helicopter rescue is not possible these ground teams are needed.   Concerning specification on vehicle equipment please contact us.

Remove markers (banners): generally great fun together with track managers to be on the just ridden Red Bull Romaniacs race Track and collect up the markers. This takes place in the week after the race. When riding in groups of about 5 men, riders will travel many kilometers to remove all markers. So lots of driving.

A cost contribution of 360€  includes overnight stay in a "survey week" in April as well as accommodation breakfast and meals with the competitors during the Enduro Rallye race days.

We recommend to come to the survey week in April to get to know the area and the tracks, but if you can’t the race week only price is 310€.

The xventure SRL organising company for Red Bull Romaniacs team looks forward to your active application.

Send an application to
Teo Isac

with following information:-
- Your age?
- Make and model of your Bike for Guide job?
- State your mechanical knowledge 
- Your offroad riding skills and race experience, raced where?, which class?, your results?
- your medical knowledge? (if exists)
- Please add your phone number.

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