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Note:- This version contains 2016 competitors and 2016 results.
This will be updated before the 2017 race to display 2017 race information. 

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We provide for competitors, assistants, families, friends and the worldwide fans of Red Bull Romaniacs:-

Red Bull Romaniacs

  • Competitors - who will compete
  • Poster
  • About Romaniacs
  • About Red Bull

Prolog results - July 25, 2017

  • Overall results
    Results from those who qualified for the Prolog-Finals and results from the Prolog-Time Trial Qualifications.
    The ranking creates competitors ''offroad start times'' for offroad day 1
    Results display "Prolog added time'' and any other time penalties that competitors may have incurred.
    These results are added to the "Overall results - offroad day 1"
  • Finals results
    Displays results for the 35 competitor in each class who qualified for the Prolog-Finals race, shows lap times, number of laps, total time taken by each competitor.
  • Finals - Rank layout
    Displays the 35 ranked competitors from each class who will compete in the Prolog finals, and the starting ''row' for each competitor.
  • Time Trial Qualifications
    The timed race to try to get into the Prolog finals race for Gold, Silver &  Bronze classes. Gold class do 2 runs, Bronze and Silver 1 run.
    Iron class , It is not mandatory for the Iron class to compete in the Prolog, no penalties for not competing, if they do 1 qualification run their result will provide them with an earlier offroad day 1 starting time.
     Iron class do not compete in Prolog finals race.

  • Competitors - who will compete
  • Facebook news
    Reports, photographs, videos created on Red Bull Romaniacs facebook during each race day, July 25-29. 2017 can be viewed here.
  • Blogg news
    Our ''Romaniacs blogging team'' report on the progress of competitors during the event, July 25-29. 2017 they provide reports with photographs and video clips on what is happening on the track DURING the hard enduro rallye.

Offroad days - July 26-29

  • Overall results
    Includes the results of previous offroad days & Prolog.
  • Official day results
    Official results of each offroad day.
  • Detailed UNOFFICIAL results
    Competitors use this to check their results when they reach the ''Competitor Paddock'' after their race day is completed.  Results are displayed here when a competitors GPS recorded track has been checked.
      There is a 2 hours time limit from each competitors ''Published Results time", if they feel they wish to file a Results protest investigation or a First Aid - Medical assistantance time back claim
  • Competitor race progress
     The competitor ranking continually changes depending on who is leading during each offroad day race.

    - arrival times of competitors at checkpoints
    - competitor ride time between checkpoints
    - differential times between competitors, checkpoint to checkpoint.
  • OVERALL race progress
    Includes the Prolog result and previous offroad days overall results
    The event OVERALL competitor ranking changes depending on who is OVERALL leading the event while you are viewing during the event.
  • Offroad starting time
    This is the ''given time'' to competitors, it is the competitors responsibility to present themselves at the Offroad start location and start at the time given.
  • Facebook news
    Reports, photographs, videos created on Red Bull Romaniacs facebook during each race day, July 25-29. 2017 can be viewed here.
  • Blogg news
    Our ''Romaniacs blogging team'' report on the progress of competitors during the event, July 25-29. 2017 they provide reports with photographs and video clips on what is happening on the track DURING the hard enduro rallye.
  • Service points
    Maps and Google map direction information is provided close to the event how to get to them.
  • Spectator points
    Descriptions about the spectator points, google maps and direction information is provided before the event.

    Explanation of results abbreviations used.

    CP *   - Checkpoint times   * will be the checkpoint number
    Ride time - competitors actual riding time between checkpoints.
    Diff. time - The difference in ride time between competitors.  00:00:00 is the fastest competitor between checkpoints. Example = If the time shown for another competitor is 00:02:30 this means that competitor was 2 minutes 30 seconds slower than the fastest competitor.
    NOT USED - This text is only shown when a class does not go to that checkpoint
    SPin - competitors actual arrival time at the Service Point checkpoint in
    SPout - competitors Service Point out - Exit time - competitors cannot leave the service point BEFORE this time. They can stay longer if they wish to rest or repair motorcycles, but this time is adding to their overall race time.

          * = the offroad day, either 1,2,3 or 4
    - This is day* track ride time INCLUDING any offroad day* time penalties for GPS offtrack, for not reaching checkpoints, for being time-barred at checkpoint(s) and any manual time penalties given.

    TBR PEN - As a competitor reaches a checkpoint the time penalties for NOT reaching that checkpoint are removed . If a competitor reaches all checkpoints the time shown becomes 00:00:00 or if not time penalties remain for each checkpoint not reached.

    Total / Total time  This is the competitors ''race progress time'' shown during the race, can include ride time, any time-barred penalties, manual penalties, and GPS offtrack penalties given after GPS is checked.

                                            * = previous offroad days, either 1,2,3 or 4
    Diff time
    - (offroad Day *) 00:00:00 is the fastest competitor, Example= if the time shown for a competitor is 00:02:30 this means the competitors DIFFerential Time is plus +2 minutes 30seconds slower than the fastest competitor.

    Diff. time (overall) - (shown below total) This is the time difference between the fastest competitor and all other competitors, The fastest OVERALL competitor having a time of 00:00:00

    Red Bull Romaniacs App created
    for competitors, fans & friends by:-

    Dougie R Maclean Race Director Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye
    - Organiser of App creation & structure

    Florin Ungurean
    - Content Technical support
     - -

    Gil Eluard
    - Expert Mobile devices development -

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Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallyeSibiu, Romania July 25-29. 2017

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