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04.06.2013: Red Bull Romaniacs 10.0 - the MADNESS is on: 365 riders of 40 nations

KTM sends armada to bring king Jarvis` reign to an end

Sibiu, Romania, May 29th, 2013 – Today, there are 33 days left for the team around Martin "Frejn" Freinademetz to prepare what many consider the most beautiful Enduro race of the year. And with the race fully booked out, staff of up to 400 people to co-ordinate and 600km of tracks to mark, MADNESS is just again about to unfold. Aiming to top the perfect organziation of the last several years, the Red Bull Romaniacs team (http://on.fb.me/13hRDzS) will now be put to a serious test, trying to unleash the beast that combines perfect organization, beautiful riding and MAD challenge.

This combination has again attracted the creme of Extreme Enduro riders from all over the world. They will gather in the historic center of Sibiu, a city ranked as "Europe's 8th most idyllic place to live" by Forbes (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sibiu). Starting from there and exploring the surrounding Carpathian mountains, 365 competitors from 40 countries will be tested to their limits. Traditionally Great Britain (57), Austria (45), Germany (42) and South Africa (27) are the countries with a strong representation at the Red Bull Romaniacs but there are also new countries joining the challenge in 2013: India, Brazil, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Columbia!

Among the riders are two women who are going to compete to be the Queen of the Carpatians: Veronika Dallhammer, from Austria, is a charming flight attendant at Austrian Airlines who finished 7th in the “Hobby Team” class in 2012. Her opponent, Sorina Sandu, another adorable woman, is a marketing executive from Romania and has finished the “Hobby Team” class in 2011 as 12th.

All eyes are also going to be on the realignment of the champions-league of Extreme Enduro riders: the Red Bull Romaniacs PRO class. The current King of the Carpathians, Husaberg factory rider Graham Jarvis, only needs one more victory to become the sole ruler of his kingdom. Currently he shares three victories with Cyril Despres, who had won in 2004, 2005 and 2007. By winning a forth time, Jarvis would put his stamp on the Red Bull Romaniacs for good. But the other veterans and former winners Chris Birch and Andreas Lettenbichler, have not planned to come all the way to Romania to become the audience of another triumph for Jarvis: They, together with Paul Bolton, Altus de Wet and Alfredo Gomez are riding to win. Starting list: (http://bit.ly/10uLGRD)
And then there are the “young guns” Wade Young and Jonny Walker, who have plans on their own: Young, the 16-year-old who recently became the youngest winner of the Roof of Africa, wants to leave his footprints in the Carpathians. And Walker, who has already completed his first learning session at the Red Bull Romaniacs in 2012, is coming back to win.
Joining him, KTM sends a whole armada to bring king Jarvis` reign in the Carpathians to an end: As Red Bull Romaniacs newcomers, KTM factory riders Cristobal Guerrero and Ivan Cervantes present themselves to be tested under Red Bull Romaniacs conditions!                             “Hall of Fame” http://bit.ly/16k4qYo

The Red Bull Romaniacs will celebrate their 10th anniversary with new extremes for riders and spectators. As every year, the track will present completely new and untouched trails – this year about 50% of the total distance covered. The other 50% will take the field of riders into ten years of history of the Red Bull Romaniacs and revisit some of the most memorable sections of the past. Most details will remain a secret until just before the event, but it is already known that a new prologue (circuit) is awaiting the riders, that one day will present a “factory raid” and that there will be entertainment and parties every day – on and off the track!

For families and friends it will be even easier to enjoy their time in Romania with a special spectator package, which includes accommodation, food and guided bus-tours.

More extensive information is also available on:     www.redbullromaniacs.com
A ton of photos on Flickr:                 http://bit.ly/11qNJYh
Breathtaking videos on Youtube:             http://www.youtube.com/romaniacs08
Daily updates on Facebook:                https://www.facebook.com/RBRomaniacs
Red Bull Romaniacs team:                http://bit.ly/12bwlbw
Starting list:                        http://bit.ly/10uLGRD
Red Bull Content Pool:                https://www.redbullcontentpool.com


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