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06.05.2013: Your own branded obstacle ! Bid on ebay



For sale on Ebay  Check it out.

Bring your logo in front of thousands of off-road enthusiasts and be part of the world`s toughest hard enduro rallye!

For the first time ever, we are making our prologue obstacles publicly available for advertising. 

The Red Bull Romaniacs extreme enduro event is one of the best communicated hard-enduro events in the world. The race itself takes place July 2-6, 2013 - but reporting, video releases, DVD shipment and Social Media activities provide an ongoing stream of footage and information to fans all over the world all year long.
 With 1200 hours of international TV air-time, millions of reached viewers on You tube and hundred thousands of views on Facebook each month, we can provide front-row exposure for your advertising. Our Facebook-page with far over 20.000 fans and our web-page are in constant contact with the enduro community throughout the year and press reports in most major offroad magazines trickle in for about three months after the event.

The race itself attracts the top elite of the extreme enduro world, to name only a few: Graham Jarvis, Chris Birch, Andreas Lettenbichler, Jonny Walker... Check out the complete list of starters HERE 

With this auction, you can bring your advertising right into the middle of the Red Bull Romaniacs - and brand one of the insane man-made obstacles of the inner city prologue. Your banner will be present in front of thousands of enthusiastic extreme enduro riders and fans - and be part of countless media reports, videos and social media activities. 

In this auction, you are bidding for the placement of three banners on the “Single trail” obstacle - see drawing.  The banners will have to be provided by you and shipped to Sibiu, Romania before July 1st, 2013. 

1 banner 6m x 1m

2 banners 1,5m x 2m

The other photos illustrate similar branding in previous years. Please contact us, if you want to find out more and receive information about other marketing opportunities at the Red Bull Romaniacs: Cristina BADIU, cristinab@xventure.net

More information about the event:

Sibiu, Romania hosts the 10th edition of Red Bull Romaniacs Hard-Enduro Rally: July 2-6, 2013

Red Bull Romaniacs, the toughest Hard-Enduro rallye on earth!

4 days of competition along a difficult and enthralling course, which leads through the Southern Carpathian Mountains and redefines the meaning of “Extreme Enduro”. The Rally is tailored for ultimate offroad and Enduro fun - combined with challenges that bring the participants of each individual class (Rookie, Hobby Single, Hobby Team, Expert Single, Expert Team, PRO) to their limits. Due to these challenges and the difficulty level, high abandon rates are common. Therefore: To FINISH is to be a WINNER. The track is unfolding along well-chosen mountain areas, rocky grounds, hills and valleys; tarmac is avoided as much as possible. Despite the tough challenges, all competitors agree that the Red Bull Romaniacs is one of the most beautiful Enduro races. The breathtaking countryside, the Romanian hospitality and the fact that it is a race from riders for riders make every event a long lasting memory for participants and fans alike. The daily distances covered range from 100km to 200km. 

For sale on Ebay  Check it out.