• Autoritatea Nationala pentru Turism
  • Mitas 3D 2017
  • Liqui Moly

Displays competitors ''OVERALL'' race progress during offroad day 2.

The OVERALL ranking will change depending on who is leading the event while you are watching.

Ride time Day2 - this is the current course riding time of the competitor.
Timebar penalty Day2 - As a competitor reaches a checkpoint the penalties for NOT reaching that checkpoint are removed. If a competitor reaches all checkpoints the time shown becomes 00:00:00 OR time penalties remain for all checkpoints not reached.

Day2 Overall - this is the track ride time including any offroad day 2 time penalties for GPS offtrack, for not reaching CP's, for being timebarred at checkpoint(s) and any time manual penalties given.
Diff. time - 00:00:00 is the fastest competitor. Example=If the time shown for a competitor is 00:02:30 this means the competitors Differential time is plus +2 minutes 30 seconds more than the fastest competitor.

Total time (OVERALL)- This is the ''total time'' for the event including
ride time, and any timebarred penalties, manual penalties, GPS off track penalties given. 
Diff time (OVERALL)- This is the time difference between the fastest competitor and all other competitors. The fastest OVERALL competitor having 00:00:00.

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  • Competitor race progress data displayed is NOT official results.