About the organizers:

The Red Bull Romaniacs is an event from riders for riders, born out of the passion for the Enduro sport. The brain and motor behind these events is Martin Freinademetz, who is known for his career as professional snowboarder. He was a world champion twice, won four world tour titles and participated in the 1998 Olympic games. During his time as a Pro-snowboarder, Martin met his wife Sigi, who since then had always been his right hand and manager. Besides their love for snowboarding, both share a passion for Extreme Enduro, which lead them to create the Red Bull Romaniacs in 2004. Over time, with the event building an international reputation and being sold out within hours, they started to branch out and organize other events. Eventually they partnered with the Red Bull Sea to Sky in 2011 and created the Red Bull Minas Riders in 2016. Thanks to the support of main sponsor Red Bull, the Freinademetz team became one of the main catalysts behind the sport of Extreme Enduro, which is now widely popular and fueling the associated motorsports industries.

Jonny Walker, multiple winner of the Red Bull Romaniacs: “I'm really looking forward to this years race - to try and redeem myself after fracturing my leg last year because I was hoping for 3 wins in a row, I'll be back this year to fight for the win! Martin is a really cool guy, he is making extreme enduro sport what it is today, he is the main man making the sport grow!” 

Over the years, the Red Bull Romaniacs core team has grown significantly and features all departments of a modern adventure sports business with a strong focus on development (race concepts, time-keeping, rules/regulations, tracks) and marketing (the Red Bull Romaniacs achieve a yearly average of 1800 transmission hours in international TV and boasts a huge popularity online).

Freinademetz surrounds himself mostly with active riders and people who are passionate about extreme sports. His team has a track record of creating internationally successful events that are known for some flavor of craziness and for their top-professional execution. Many motorsport-professionals and riders consider the Red Bull Romaniacs one of the best organized and professional Enduro events in the market (despite the complexity of the race and it`s location in Eastern Europe). 

Heinz Kinigadner, motorsports legend, experienced race organizer and founder of “Wings for Life”: “Currently there are only two professionally executed Extreme Enduro events: The Erzberg Rodeo and the Red Bull Romaniacs. It was the first time for me to get to experience this event and I am quite surprised: by the concept, the amount of people involved and the professionalism. This is a very unique event, there is nothing comparable out there! What amazes me most, is how the team around Martin Freinademetz manages to bring the participants of each of the classes to their limits. Which is the purpose: at the end of the day it is a race and not a 5-day adventure tour!”

All Freinademetz-events have the passion for Extreme Enduro in common and make the race experience for the participants quite unique:

  • amateur riders get to race together with the best in the world, meeting the “who is who” of Extreme Enduro out there on the track, at the food points for noodles or in the hotel
  • everybody is challenged to their limits - and beyond, the amateur riders and the professionals, to push the bar of what is possible in Extreme Enduro every year
  • participants benefit from world class service: they are taken care of from registration on, along the race track (with support, fuel and water) and they can rely on a state of the art safety and rescue team unique rules and regulations and time-keeping system to maximize fairness and fun of riding

Alfredo Gomez, winner of the 2016 Red Bull Minas Riders: “The Red Bull Minas Riders is a unique and awesome race: Unique, because it leads us right into a real jungle and awesome because it might become one of the toughest Extreme Enduro events of the year, depending on the weather! I think Martin and his team do an incredible job not only with finding and preparing these crazy trails, but also rolling out a top professional service as we are used to from the Red Bull Romaniacs. The whole track is perfectly marked and the GPS devices are only needed for backup and security. I am always amazed how these guys manage to create timekeeping, fuel-points and water supplies in the middle of nowhere and always with friendly staff. It doesn't`t make the fight out there easier – but definitely more fun!”

Despite the large organization and lot`s of international travel, Freinademetz has a strong focus on staying “hands-on” and RIDE! All race tracks are developed with Martin`s personal involvement and test-ridden by himself before approval - in order to avoid surprises that could affect the experience for the participating riders.

Cyril Despres (France/Andorra, 3 times winner 2004, 2005, and 2007): “It was something completely crazy for me when I came the first time in Romania. This is the kind of race that I will remember forever, definitely. Now I see that the race and especially the sport, the extreme enduro moved to a really technical sport. You cannot make another sport or other type of races like I was doing in my beginning, when I was doing extreme enduro and rally in the same time, in the same year. Moving from the heavy rally bike to the small 2stroke bike is not possible anymore. You need to train and focus for only one sport and this is what I do. I stay concentrate on the rally. I saw Graham Jarvis and a couple of guys and they focus on extreme enduro and they push the level really high. The time I spent in Sibiu was something special, but if I will do extreme enduro in the future it will be only for fun.”

Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna, Great Britain, winner 2008, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2016): “Red Bull Romaniacs is my favorite event and since 2008 I've seen the event grow. It was my first extreme win so I have a lot of memories but still want to win as much as the first time. I still see the race as a lot of fun and a big adventure even though I’m trying to win. I expect the unexpected. That's the attraction that we don't know what’s coming”.

Chris Birch (KTM, New Zeeland, winner 2010): “The race has gotten more professional and better organized every year.”

Giovanni Sala (KTM, Italy, 2nd Pro class in 2006): “It’s an extreme race by definition. When I participated a few years ago I found the race technical and very, very difficult. It was fun to ride because Red Bull Romaniacs has a very beautiful track and the public is incredible, especially at the Prologue. It is a very god event.”

More about the Red Bull Romaniacs: http://www.redbullromaniacs.com/about/red-bull-romaniacs-hard-enduro-rallye/

  • Autoritatea Nationala pentru Turism
  • Liqui Moly
  • Enduro for Romania

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Red Bull Romaniacs 2018 registration

Opens on Friday October 20. 2017 16:00 EET (East European time)

If you are planning to race in the Red Bull Romaniacs July 24-28. 2018 we recommend you to register as soon as this registration page opens, make a payment immediately to secure your entry as...


ROU - Graham Jarvis a castigat pentru a sasea oara Red Bull Romaniacs

- La 42 de ani, Jarvis confirma ca el este Regele;

- Mani Gyenes termina pe locul doi la clasa Silver;

- Sergiu Grecu obtine titlul la clasa Bronze.


DEU - Red Bull Romaniacs Finale - 2017 - Erlösung

Jarvis gewinnt zum sechsten Mal souverän, Mini Letti in den Top 5

Hermannstadt, Rumänien, 29. Juli, 2017 – Die ersten, die heute das Finale der 2017er Red Bull Romaniacs vor Tausenden von Zuschauern eröffneten, waren die Fahrer der Bronze-Klasse. An der  klassischen Auffahrt vor den Toren...


ENG - Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 - Final - Adrenaline and Relief

Jarvis wins for the sixth time, Roman in 2nd place, Bolton 3rd, Mini Letti 4th, Teasdale 5th

Sibiu, Romania, July 29th, 2017 – The 2017 Red Bull Romaniacs ended today with some of the Bronze class riders arriving first at the traditional hillclimb just outside Sibiu - with thousands of fans...


ROU - Cea mai dură zi a venit în etapa a treia

Jonny Walker şi David Knight au fost nevoiţi să se retragă din cursă, Mini Letti a ieşit la rampă iar Graham Jarvis a stabilit timpul de referinţă.

La briefingul de cu o seară înainte de start, când li s-a comunicat ce este în programul zilei a treia a Red Bull Romaniacs 2017 majoritatea riderilor...