Red Bull Romaniacs
July 25-29. 2017    
Special Rules and Regulations

1. General
2. Organisers, contact
3. Event program
4. Competition licence and event entry fee
5. Technical Terms
   5.1 Motorcycles and inspection
   5.2 Changing of motorcycle parts
   5.3 Fuel supply (refueling)
   5.4 Repair, service
   5.5 Starting number
   5.6 Navigation Technology
   5.7 Garmin GPS details
6.   Survival equipment
7.   Start & race course, generally
8.   Valuation
9.   Rules & penalties
    9.1 Motorbike inspection
    9.2 The Prolog
    9.3 The start each day
    9.4 GPS Rules
    9.5 Checkpoint Rules
    9.6 At the Finish                                                         
    9.7 Speeding over limit - Time penalties
    9.8 Miscellaneous
10. Results
11. Deposits
12. Abandonment – out of race
13. Closing the track (piste)
14. Responsibility and renunciation to responsibility of the competitors
15. Prize money
16. Audio visual coverage

1. General

The "RED BULL ROMANIACS" is written out according to the following guidelines: The RED BULL ROMANIACS is an internationally known race, authorised in Romania by the "Federatia Romana de Motociclism“(F.R.M) and takes place between July 25- 29. 2017

The 2017 classes are:-

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Iron

The route consists of a Prolog in Sibiu and four offroad days in the Romanian Carpathian mountains, with a daily start and finish in the Sibiu area.

Difficult, technically demanding daily stages on hilly landscapes are characteristics of the route and are manageable with standard hard enduro motorcycles with an autonomy of 80 km.

It is stated explicitly, that the selective characteristics of the route and the attainable maximum time for each section and each day are conditioned by the weather, perseverance and driving ability and can lead to a considerable failure ratio.

The entire route is fitted with shields, respectively colour marked. Maps will be provided by the organizer. (for emergency use)
For safety reasons, the possession of a functioning GPS (type preconditions see point 5.7, technical terms) is necessary for each single competitor. 
The next days route will be downloaded onto your GPS by the organizers GPS technical team.

These competitor services are provided, click HERE for information.

2. Organisers, Contact

The organizer is: 
Lito SLU, Edifici Prats, Ctra. Prat Sobirans Bloc B 2.1,  AD-400 Arinsal, Andorra.
Crazy Bike Club Sibiu, Str Moldoveanu nr 33, Sibiu, Romania.
SC Xventure SRL, Str. Cetatii nr 34, 550160 Sibiu, Romania.
FRM – Federation of Romanian Motorcycling.

Contact person: Cristina Badiu
Str. Cetatii Nr. 34
Sibiu – Romania
Skype badiu.cristina
Mobile +40 731 270 887

3. Event programme

- Event Inscription at Ramada hotel Sunday July 23 or Monday July 24. 2017
- Prolog - Tuesday July 25. 2017
- Offroad race days 1-4 - Wednesday July 26. until Saturday July 29. 2017
- Departure Day - Sunday July 30. 2017

- More information will be provided closer to event HERE.

4. Competition Licences and event entry fee

"Red Bull Romaniacs" Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme(F.I.M) event licences:- F.I.M Europe EMN no.37/104   F.I.M International 490/26

Competition Licence: 

All the competitors need the following 2017 competition licence for competing at Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye :
a.- Romanian citizens need a national FRM Enduro or Cross Country licence
b.- European citizens need one of the licence listed below:
1)  International FIM Enduro or Cross-Country licence or..
2)  UEM Enduro or Rally Raid licence or..
3)  National licence from the motorcycling federation of the country of which he is a national or in which the applicant is a permanent resident, with written start permission by the FIM recognized motorsports federation allowing to compete at Red Bull Romaniacs.

If you don't, have a competition licence yet.
4)  written permission from your national motorsport federation to have a event licence issued by the Romanian Motorcycling Federation (FRM) (this licence can be purchased in Sibiu at the race for a cost of 45 euros, sport medical test of 5 euros and  insurance cost of 50 euros)

If purchasing a event licence from Romanian Motorcycling Federation seems to be the best solution for you, and you face problems getting the permission from your national federation, then please report to Cristina Badiu

c.- competitors from outside of Europe need one of the licences listed below:
1) International FIM Enduro or Cross Country licence.

If you do not, have a competition licence yet.
2) written permission from their national motorsport federation to have a event licence issued by the Romanian Motorcycling Federation (FRM) (this FIM licence can be purchased in Sibiu at the race for a cost of 50 euros/per race, sport medical test of 5 euros and insurance cost of 50 euros). Has to be announced to FRM ( no later than July 1 2017.

If purchasing a event FIM licence from Romanian Motorcycling Federation seems to be the best solution for you, and you face problems getting the permission from your national federation, then please report to Cristina Badiu

Event Registration:-

Registration OPENED on  Friday October 28. 2017 


Competitor's register online, after completion of the registration form an email is also sent providing payment information. Payment(s) can be made by Credit card/Debit card or by International bank transfer.

The entry fee includes:-
- Petrol at all stops along the course (includes oil for 2 strokes)
- Drinking water at all fuel points on the track.
- Snack meal at each offroad day finish.
- closing party, party, party
For full details on what the entry fee includes Click here

The ''accommodation competitor package' of 1770 Euro includes 6 days half-board Arrival Monday July 24 departure Sunday July 30 in 3 & 4 star hotels.

The ''NON accommodation competitor package' of 1500 Euro, means without accommodation, breakfast or evening meals.

To be provided with a starting place competitors must make a full 100% payment or a 50% payment into our bank account and a second 50% before the June 25. 2017

When paying the competitor entry fee an accommodation package for 'Assistants- support crew / family / friends' is available at a cost of 490 euro (includes 6 days half board arrival Monday July 24 departure Sunday July 30)

To register online to compete Click HERE

withdrawal from event: Competitors
If cancellation before May 1 250€+bank transfer fee will be retained.
If cancellation after May 1 440€+ bank transfer fee will be retained.
If cancellation after June 1 885€+bank transfer fee will be retained.
If cancellation is not announced all fees will be retained.

withdrawal from:
Accommodation for ‘Assistants-support crew / family / friends’’
If cancellation before May 1  70€+bank transfer fee will be retained.
If cancellation after May 1  150€+bank transfer fee will be retained.
If cancellation after June 1  250€+ bank transfer fee will be retained
If cancellation is not announced all fees will be retained.

If you have technical problems in registering or making payment(s) please contact

- Single person bedroom occupancy  (Competitors / support crew / family / friends)
- We can also provide double or triple rooms
- Additional accommodation days.
- Rental vehicles.
- airport transfers, taxi.
- sight seeing tours.
- additional specialist hotel services.

These additional charge services can be ordered by emailing Crina Ujupan at
The following information is required when ordering extra services:
- Name, Telephone number
- Do you come with a competitor? If yes, which one?
- Which additional service would you like to order and for how many persons?

Accommodation for ‘’Assistants-support crew / family / friends’’
is available at a cost of 490 euro (includes 6 days half board, arrival Monday July 24 departure Sunday July 30.
Click HERE to order and pay by credit/debit card.
Click HERE to order and pay by International bank transfer.

withdrawal from:
Accommodation for ‘Assistants-support crew / family / friends’’
If cancellation before May 1  70€+bank transfer fee will be retained.
If cancellation after May 1  150€+bank transfer fee will be retained.
If cancellation after June 1  250€+ bank transfer fee will be retained.
If cancellation is not announced all fees will be retained.

If you have technical problems in making payment(s) please contact

5. Technical terms

5.1 Motorcycles and inspection:

  • The motorcycles must be in a technical irreproachable condition. They must not exceed noise emission of 96 dB (A).
  • Motocross, 'Trials' & Electric "E" motorcycles are allowed only if they have vehicle registration papers are fully road legal and fitted with working lights front and rear.
  • It is the competitors responsibility for his motorcycle to be in a street legal and street legally insured condition.
  • A functioning headlamp and rear light is necessary for safety/legal reasons during the race.
  • Competitor(s) who are driving without a functional light at nightfall (darkness) may be disqualified.
  • The organiser is authorised not to allow motorcycles with technical problems to take part in the event.

5.2 The changing of motorcycle parts

  • The frame of the motorcycle may not be changed at any time during the Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye.  
  • It is not permitted to fit NEW tyres or 'another set of wheels with NEW tyres' anywhere on the race track between the 'Offroad Start' & 'Offroad Finish' or at the daily service points.

5.3 Fuel supply (refuel)

  • Refuel ONLY with the engine turned off.
  • In the refuel areas there is a strict smoking interdiction!

Only one fuel-stop is mandatory, the rest of the fuel stops count to the race time. 
Further details on the position and procedure of the refuel stops will be made known at the competitor briefing in the hotel race HQ at 21.00 before each race day.

5.4 Repair, service

  • All service points will be reachable by service cars.
  • Repairing competitors motorcycles beside the race track is only allowed if no other competitor(s) are being obstructed.

5.5 Starting number

  • The starting numbers will be handed out by the organiser.
    They must be clearly and visibly positioned on the front, on the right and on the left of the motorcycle.
  • Only the handed out starting numbers by Red Bull Romaniacs officials may be used!  (front and side panel numbers)
  • It is the competitors responsibility to ask the organiser for a replacement number or any other mandatory sticker handed out by the organiser, if it is not readable any more.

5.6 Navigation technology

Additional to the fact, that the route is fitted with shields and as a backup for fog or darkness, each competitor will receive the track of each offroad day as well as important co-ordinates for example refuel-areas, finish, hotels etc, uploaded by the organisers onto the GPS.

  • Each competitor must have at least ONE functioning GPS at all times.
  • The use of 2 or more GPS´s per competitor is permitted, all must be set on record (trackback feature). An additional charge of 35 € per additional GPS will be made for uploading, downloading tracks and providing batteries. 
  • It is the Competitors responsibility to dismount their GPS and hand-in it/them at the GPS FLAG at the offroad finish.
    If a competitor leaves the track the GPS should be dismounted by the competitor and handed-in at the GPS FLAG at the 'Competitor Paddock checkpoint'.
    Please carry with you tools needed to mount or dismount your GPS.
  • The power supply of the GPS by power coming from the vehicle and/or from the batteries during the whole race is the responsibility of the competitor.

5.7 Garmin GPS details

  • Competitors who bring a GPS with integrated rechargeable battery, need to hand in the AC adapter for the GPS; or the GPS will not be accepted.
  • NEW batteries will be supplied by the Red Bull Romaniacs GPS team, they will be inserted each night into your GPS.
  • If a participant loses or damages his/her GPS, a GPS technician needs to be informed by filling in a specific form.

Allowed Garmin GPS

You can choose any GPS from the list below but we prefer those GPS which have USB connector.

Colorado Series:

  • Colorado 300, 400c, 400i, 400t

Dakota Series:

  • Dakota 10, 20

eTrex Series: 

  • eTrex Touch 25
  • eTrex 10, 20, 20x, 30, 30x, 35t
  • eTrex Legend C, CX, H, HCX
  • eTrex Summit HC
  • eTrex Venture CX, HC
  • eTrex Vista C, CX, H, HCX

Foretrex Series:

  • Foretrex 101, 201, 301, 401

Geko Series:

  • Geko 201, 301

GPS Series:

  • GPS 60

GPSMap Series:

  • GPSMap 60, 60 C, 60 CSX, 60 CX
  • GPSMap 62, 62 S, 62 SC, 62 ST, 62 STC,
  • GPSMap 64, 64 S, 64ST
  • GPSMap 76 C, 76 CS, 76 CSX, 76 CX
  • GPSMap 78, 78 S, 78 SC
  • GPSMap 276 C, 376 C, 378, 478 

          Montana Series:

          • Montana 600, 610, 650, 650 T

          Monterra Series:

          Nüvi Series:

          • Nüvi 500, 550

          Oregon Series:

          • Oregon 200, 300, 400 C,  400 i, 400 T
          • Oregon 450, 450 T
          • Oregon 550, 550 T
          • Oregon 600, 600 T
          • Oregon 650, 650 T

          Rino Series:

          • Rino 520, 530, 610, 650, 520 HCX, 530 HCX, 655 T 

          Zumo Series:

          • Zumo 220, 340LM, 550, 590LM, 660, 665

          Please consult with if you plan to use other GPS types.

          6. Survival equipment

          For safety reasons competitors must carry with them on their vehicles the following material:

          • 1 GPS per competitor
          • 1 lighter
          • 1 GSM mobile phone in waterproof packaging (able to phone out and receive calls)  Please ensure phone is fully charged every morning.
               Tips, Carry an 'external battery unit' to ensure you will be able to stay in contact if a time consuming motorcycle breakdown rescue is required and to ensure you can stay in contact with the HQ rescue team.
            Switch of battery consuming apps and ''Social media'' to preserve battery life.  
          • 1 torch (flashlight)
          • 6 smoke rocket-flares or 2 red hand-held smoke flares
          • 1 compass
          • 1 distress mirror
          • 1 Litre of water
          • 1 foil survival blanket
          • 1 wind and waterproof jacket
          • 1 pencil + contact number + first aid medical assistance form
          • 1 spare spark plug (If not fuel injection)
          • 1 tool set for basic repairing
          • 1 motorcycle tube or repairing set, if no mousse is fitted
          • 1 set of spare batteries for GPS
          • helmet

          The instructions for the various items of safety equipment must be respected and competitors will be tested on their knowledge. A helicopter, off-road vehicles, off-road motorcycles with emergency medical aid-teams, as well as ambulances offers their services to each competitor during the whole event. At previous editions the rescue teams arrived in about 25 minutes at the accident site, but due to different terrain and weather conditions, a maximum intervention time of 2,5 hours can be guaranteed.

          • In the event of a medical evacuation the helicopter rescue cost will have to be covered by competitors. The cost of helicopter flying time is 1300 euro per hour.

          We ask competitors to obtain insurance cover for Medivac flight transportation back to their own country. This insurance cover can often be provided by the Motorcycle governing body (federation) of the country you come from.

          • Controls will be made at the 'Motorcycle security park' & 'off-road start' to ensure that competitors are carrying ALL rescue equipment requested. There is a 30 minute time penalty and a 150 euro fine for failure to carry this essential equipment.

          7. Start and race-course, generally

          • All competitors will get information on the exact starting procedure in the competitor & service crew briefing(s) on Monday July 24. 2017
          • The starting-grid, the starting list and interval formation will be announced after the competitors briefing on the evening before each race day and on the website and Romaniacs app
          • Because of the exposed routing, each competitor must treat contacts with other competitors (overtaking), carefully and respectfully.
            Overtaking within checkpoints flags is not allowed.
          • Checkpoints(CP) are timing points (competitors passage time is recorded) and are clearly indicated on the track.
          • The GPS recorded track of the competitor may be taken in consideration in the resolution of a protest or for judging cases of penalty or disqualification.

          • Technical defect stopped competitor - Motorcycle & competitor rescue
            phone the Red Bull Romaniacs motorcycle breakdown rescue team

            Assisting a medically injured competitor
          •  Any conspicuous events during the race, regarding the competitors, such as evidently injured competitors, MUST be announced to the Red Bull Romaniacs medical rescue team using the phone number(s)
             0040 731 270 884
             0040 751 869 322. 

            In the case of an medically injured competitor, the first competitor who finds an injured competitor 'MUST' HELP

            An injured competitor should never be left alone!!
             If it is not possible to contact the Rescue team due to no phone signal, then the provided A4 ''First Aid medical assistance form' with all details filled in should be handed to another competitor.  Ask them to phone the Romaniacs Rescue team as soon as phone coverage becomes available and provide the details on the ''First Aid medical assistance form''.  In general there is GSM signal on most of the peaks and ridges but in some valleys there is no phone coverage.

            Assisting Competitor(s) can hand-in the completed ''First Aid medical assistance form at the Race Directors event Headquarter office on the second floor of the Ramada hotel in Sibiu or use this ONLINE form. ''Medical assistance time back claims'' are time limited, so do not delay informing the Race Director.

            Competitors who assist a medically injured competitor can be given a ''calculated riding'' time so that their results are not affected by the time taken providing assistance until the medical rescue team arrives.
            The decision on what time to provide back to a competitor(s) who assisted a medically injured competitor is calculated by Race Director/Race Jury.

                                   Remember:- it will always be worth helping!

          8. Valuation

          • The organisers publish the “maximum riding time limit” for the next offroad day at the competitors briefing, it includes the mandatory stop time at the Service point and includes time needed if there is ''timed liaison' on the track.
          • The riding time of a competitor is calculated by adding the actual riding time on the track plus given time penalties. (see section 9.00 Rules and penalties)
          • The sum of the total amount of time of each stage (start to finish) is valuated.

          • The winner is the competitor who achieves the lowest riding time.

          • The organiser has the right to disqualify competitors in case of unfair behaviour or in the case of course fouls.
          • If a competitors riding time means they will not reach the finish(maximum riding time) they will be asked to leave the race track at a checkpoint or tank point and directed back to the finish. (the competitor has been timebarred)
          • If a competitor ‘’leaves the race track’’ at a checkpoint before the finish they must follow instructions provided at the checkpoint. The competitor MUST present their motorcycle and dis-mount and hand-in their GPS at the ''Offroad finish GPS FLAG" or at the ''Paddock Finish GPS FLAG" as soon as possible.
          • After 19:00 on ‘’offroad days’’ any competitor who has not handed in their GPS will NOT be allowed to compete the following offroad day.
          •  If the event organiser or Race Director decides that a section of the course has become impassable due to weather conditions, queuing or other factors outside his control, or if the estimated "maximum days riding time" is no longer achievable then the organisation has the right to remove time taken between checkpoints or finish the race earlier and adjust the results accordingly.
          • Our guarantee is that at least 40% of competitors each day will be finishers in the results.

          9. Rules and Penalties

          9.1 At Motorcycle Inspection

          • All Survival equipment must be available for examination.

          Failure to produce working navigation/phone/safety equipment at the motorcycle inspection or at any time when requested by organising officials during the event will result in time and monetary penalties or disqualification from the competition.

          At the Event Inscription in Ramada Hotel

          • A working GPS must be demonstrated.
          • The mobile phone you will use during the event in the event of an accident or a needed motorcycle breakdown rescue must be shown working.
          • It is the responsibility of competitors to provide help to enable their motorcycles and themselves to be recovered from an offroad location where a motorcycle breakdown may occur.
            This recovery should only be performed with the assistance of the Red Bull Romaniacs rescue team to ensure any recovery vehicles are not traveling against the competitor course.
          • Please bring the contact name(s) and phone number(s) if you have a rented motorcycle or rented a motorcycle service package.  These details are collected and will be used to contact these companies to assist you and your motorcycle recovery if needed.

          9.2 At the Prolog

          Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu, Sibiu

          Tuesday July 25 2017
          08:30 Start of Time trial qualifications  
          17:00 Start of Prolog ''Finals'' 

          For more detailed information about the Prolog CLICK HERE.

          9.3 At the start each day

          • Being over 60 minutes late at the start means you have abandoned.
          • If a competitor is late less than 60 minutes at the start, the GIVEN start time will be recorded not the competitors actual starting time.
          • Riding with unreadable competitor numbers at the start will result in a penalty of 200 € and a 10 minute time penalty.

          9.4 GPS Rules

          • Poor recording of GPS track :- 10 minutes penalty
          • No track recorded :- 30 minutes penalty
          • Repeat offenders – disqualification from the event.
          • Riding off the track, taking short cuts, being more than 100 meters off track equals an automatic 60 minute penalty or a calculated penalty time provided through Race Directors analysis. 
          • If a competitor gets lost (leaves race track) he must re-enter the GPS track using the same route to avoid receiving time penalties.
          • If a competitor gives his/her GPS(s) to another competitor this must be communicated to a GPS technician by filling in a form they will provide. Failure to do this will lead to a 15 minute penalty to the competitor receiving the GPS.
          • Not handing in your GPS at the finish will result in a penalty of 200 €

          9.5 Checkpoint Rules

          • Failure to reach a checkpoint or NOT stopping at checkpoint = Abandoned.  This will lead to substantial time penalties.
            Failure to reach a checkpoint or NOT stopping at checkpoint on 2 offroad days = Disqualification. 

          • For your own safety:- it is important the organizers know where you have reached on the track, therefore you must STOP at all checkpoints(CP).

          • Not reaching a checkpoint before your TIME BAR time means you have abandoned, and you must leave the racetrack. Failure to leave racetrack equals disqualification.

          • For missing or not reaching a checkpoint a inflated "missed track" penalty time will be given. Your actual riding time between missed checkpoints will be removed.
          • Loss of timekeeping chip= 15 min penalty

          9.6 At the Finish

          • Not reaching the finish means you have abandoned
          • Not reaching the finish within the days maximum riding time means you have abandoned.
          • Abandoning on two days means disqualification
          • All competitors who leave the track must GPS flag, Then WE know YOU are SAFELY home and can produce your result and upload your GPS track for the next days race.

          Failure to do this could result in retention of deposit. (see 12 .Abandonment -out of race)
          You may ride next day on the race track after disqualification ONLY on the discretion of the Race Director or race organizers.
          You will no longer be included in any official results.

          9.7 Speeding over limit - time penalties.

          If you drive on public roads greater than 10 kilometers over the speed limit you will be given a time penalty.

          > 10 kilometers per hour = 5 minute time penalty

          > 20 kilometers per hour = 10 minute time penalty

          9.8 Miscellaneous Rules

          • Riding against the race direction = disqualification
          • Not riding on the track of the competition class you entered will lead to abandoned or disqualification

          10. Results

          Results pages - Explanation


          Official Prolog OVERALL results - Results from those who qualified and raced in the Prolog-finals and results from the Prolog-time trial qualifications.
          Shows Prolog ''added time'' and any other time penalties incurred that will be added to the "Official OVERALL results - offroad day 1"

          Finals results - Shows the results for the 35 competitor in each class who qualified for the Prolog-Finals race, shows lap times, number of laps, total time taken by each competitor.

          Finals - rank layout - shows the 35 ranked competitors from each class who will compete in the Prolog finals, and the starting ''row' for each competitor.

          Time trial qualification
          - The timed race to try to get into the Prolog finals race for Gold, Silver &  Bronze classes.
          Gold class do 2 runs, Bronze and Silver 1 run.
          Iron class, It is not mandatory for the Iron class to compete in the Prolog, no penalties for not competing, if they do 1 qualification run their result will provide them with an earlier offroad day 1 starting time.  Iron class do not compete in Prolog finals race.

          Results for the Offroad days

          Official OVERALL results - Includes the results of previous offroad days & Prolog.

          Official day results - Official results of each offroad day.

          Detailed UNOFFICIAL results - competitors results for each offroad day are added as soon as their days GPS recording has been downloaded and analysed.

          It is very important that competitors view their ''Detailed UNOFFICIAL results'' as soon as possible after they have arrived back at the ''Competitor paddock'' or in Sibiu.

          The ''Detailed Unofficial results'' can be viewed on:-
          - the Red Bull Romaniacs app.
          - results pages of the Red Bull Romaniacs website.
          - results display screens in the foyer of the Ramada hotel.

          Results protests or First aid medical assistance time back request claims can be made at the Race Directors Headquarters office on the second floor at the Ramada hotel or online.

          Results investigations and possible protests are time limited, once a competitors results have been published in the ''Detailed UNOFFICIAL results'' and 2 hours pass from the competitors displayed ''Results published time'', 'Results protest'' or needed ''First aid medical assistance time back claims" will not be accepted.

          If a competitor has a reason to make a results protest or provide information which can affect results please do this immediately. The Red Bull Romaniacs Headquarters results team need to investigate BEFORE results go OFFICIAL and the next days offroad start times are published.

          Competitor race information provided DURING the race.

          Competitor race progress

          The ranking automatically changes depending on who is leading the race.

          You can view competitors Checkpoint arrival times, ride times between checkpoints and the race differential times between competitors.

          Note:- competitors can view all this data when they arrive at the ''Offroad finish'' on the Red Bull Romaniacs app.

          On reaching the Competitor Paddock or when back in Sibiu the ''Detailed UNOFFICIAL results'' should be checked by competitors as by this time the GPS recording of competitors will have been checked.

          The ''Detailed Unofficial results'' can be viewed on:-
          - smart phone and tablet devices using the Red Bull Romaniacs apps.
          - results pages of the Red Bull Romaniacs website.
          - results display screens in the foyer of the Ramada hotel.

          Explanation of abreviations.

          Start time - The offroad starting time. This is the ''given time'' to competitors, it is their responsibility to present themselves at the start gate at their given time.
          CP *   - Checkpoint times   * will be the checkpoint number

          Ride time - competitors actual track riding time between checkpoints.

          Diff. time
          - The difference in ride time between competitors.  00:00:00 is the fastest competitor between checkpoints. Example = If the time shown for another competitor is 00:02:30 this means that competitor was + 2 minutes 30 seconds slower than the fastest competitor.

          Not used
          - This text is shown when a race class does not go to that checkpoint

          SPin - competitors actual arrival time at the Service Point checkpoint in
          SPout -
          competitors Service Point out - Exit time - competitors cannot leave the service point BEFORE this time. They can stay longer if they wish to rest or repair motorcycles, but this time is adding to their overall race time.

          OVERALL race progress
          - The overall ranking changes depending on who is leading the event while you are watching.
          - Previous days  overalls(total time&total diff. time) will be displayed.

                                 * = the offroad day, either 1,2,3 or 4
          Ride time Day* - this is the current course riding time of the competitor

          Timebar penalty Day* or TBR PEN - As a competitor reaches a checkpoint the the time penalties for NOT reaching that checkpoint become removed . If a competitor reaches all checkpoints the time shown becomes 00:00:00 or if not time penalties remain for checkpoints not reached.

          Day* Overall - This is the track ride time INCLUDING any offroad day* time penalties for GPS offtrack, for not reaching checkpoints, for being time-barred at checkpoint(s) and any manual time penalties given.
          Day* Diff. time
          - 00:00:00 is the fastest competitor, Example= if the time shown for a competitor is 00:02:30 this means the competitors DIFFerential Time is plus +2 minutes 30 seconds slower than the fastest competitor.

          Total time (overall)- this is the competitors ''total time'' for the event which can include ride time, any timebarred penalties, manual penalties, GPS offtrack penalties given.
          Diff. time
          (overall) - This is the time difference between the fastest competitor and all other competitors, The fastest OVERALL competitor having a time of 00:00:00

          Competitor Offroad start times -This shows the given start time for each competitor for this days race.

          Protests, complaints, objections

          • Competitor protests can be made by competitors online and at the Protest desk at the entrance to the Race Directors Headquarters office on the second floor of the Ramada Hotel.
          • For “agreeable” complaints or objections these will be considered by the Race Director and or Race organizers.
          • In the case of an official protest(s) a meeting will take place to consider this/these. Official protests must be in writing and a protest fee of 130 € has to be posted, if the protest is upheld then this will be returned.
          • In the case of Official written protests with a paid protest fee, the arbitrator is the race Director, the supreme jury of Red Bull Romaniacs is the Race jury, formed by a representative of the event organizers and a representative of the Romanian Federation (FRM).

          11. Deposits

          The guarantee deposit will be taken only by credit card before the race. Amount of guarantee deposit is 250 EURO.

          For each machine, a deposit must be made by the competitor to the organizers, so as to guarantee the respect of the following clauses:-

          • The obligation to inform, in the case of abandonment, the organizers by all possible means, in accordance with article 12 of these regulations. The means used to inform the organisers is the sole responsibility of the competitor. A third person cannot be held responsible.
          • The obligation to return to the organizers all material or equip­ment temporarily issued to competitors during the event.
          • In the case where a competitor is forced to abandon their motorcycle, they must make a declaration to the organizers headquar­ters on returning home. Vehicle repatriation is at the cost of competitors.
          • The obligation to pay all expenses not directly payable to the organizers, as stated in these regulations (e.g.: accommodation, return travel other than that planned, miscellaneous expenses etc.).
          • The obligation to respect the safety regulations during the race.
          • The obligation to return the GPS after each day race.

          12. Abandonment - out of race

          • In the case of abandonment, it is imperative that the competitor phones the Red Bull Romaniacs Rescue team using the phone number(s) 0040 731 270 884 or 0040 751 869 322.
             All competitors who have left the course MUST go to the ''competitors paddock checkpoint' hand-in the rescue map, dismount and hand-in their GPS at the GPS FLAG.  Then we know you are safely home and you can will then be included in the days result. 
            Failure to respect this important RULE will result in the retention of the caution deposit.

          • In addition, failure to respect the obligation to inform the organizers in the case of retirement, abandonment or disqualification and where search operations have been carried out will result in the competitor being liable for the financial costs these search operations.

          • Disqualified or abandoned competitors are only allowed to continue on the race track with the express permission of Race organisers or Race Director.

          13. Closing the race track

          • The organizers' 'sweeper' vehicles will close the enduro rallye race track.
          • As it is impossible to guarantee that the sweeper will pass by the exact spot where a motorcycle has broken down, it is the competitors responsibility to provide the GPS co-ordinates of where he and the broken motorcycle is to the Red Bull Romaniacs Rescue team using the phone number(s).
            If there is no phone signal at this location.  Write down your GPS location on the ''First Aid medical assistance form' and your race number AND write a request for ''motorcycle and competitor recovery rescue' then ask a passing competitor to take the form and phone-in the details to the Red Bull Romaniacs rescue team when he can get a phone signal. 

            If a sweeper finds a broken down motorcycle and competitor he will instruct the competitor what to do, and provide help where possible.
          • Competitors who abandon their motorcycle before the passage of the sweeper do so entirely at their own responsibility. The organiser can in no way be held responsible in case of damage or theft.
          • Competitors who don’t follow the sweeper’s instructions do so entirely at their own responsibility. However, the competitor may be held responsible for searching and rescuing costs, resulting from their decision of not obeying the sweeper’s instructions. Retrieval of a riders machine left on the track cannot be guaranteed by the organizer, however, help will be provided whenever possible. 

          14. Responsibility and renunciation to responsibility of the competitors

          Riding on banner/marked Red Bull Romaniacs tracks before event is not permitted.

          • Competitors will be disqualified from competing in Red Bull Romaniacs.
          • Competitors entry fee will not be returned.

          Exclusively all competitors take part to the event on their own responsibility. They carry the exclusive civil and penal responsibility for all the damages caused by their motorcycle. Every competitor guarantees that he and his vehicle are covered by a liability insurance. If the rider is not the owner of the motorcycle which he drives, he sets everyone, who is involved in the organization of the event free of any claim of the proprietor. The competitor, who has suffered an accident or damage, renounces by handing in the enrolment, to any right on proceeding or resort over against anyone involved in the organisation of the event, in particular towards to:-

          • The organiser, to his commissaries and helpers
          • The owner of the event, used estate as well as towards the carrier of the build facilities and establishments along the track and his commissaries and helper
          • The promoter
          • The event-sponsors
          • The F.R.M (Federatia Romana De Motociclism)

          15. Prize money

          • Prolog:
            1'st place 500 euro; 2'nd place 300 euro; 3'rd place 200 euro

          • Off-road days 1, 2, 3, 4: 
            1'st place 500 euro; 2'nd place 300 euro; 3'rd place 200 euro

          • Overall: 
            1'st place 2.000 euro; 2'nd place 1.700 euro; 3'rd place 1.300 euro; 4'th place 1.100 euro; 5'th place 900 euro; 6'th place 800 euro; 7'th place 700 euro; 8'th place 600 euro; 9'th place 500 euro; 10'th place 400 euro

          • TOTAL PRIZE MONEY: 15.000 EURO   

          16. Audio visual coverage

          In order to permit the widest possible dissemination and promotion of the Red Bull Romaniacs, any and all persons taking part in the Red Bull Romaniacs for any reason (hereinafter collectively referred to as the Competitors) acknowledge and agree that their participa­tion in the competition grants to the organizers and assignees the irrevocable right to reproduce and display, without any compensation whatsoever, their name, likeness, voice, biogra­phy and history, and more generally, their sports performance in connection with the Red Bull Romaniacs, as well as the trade name(s), trade mark(s), brand(s) of their vehicle parts manufacturers, constructors and sponsors, in any and all forms, on any me­dia (whether now existing or hereafter developed) and in any format, for all kinds of world-wide use, including advertising and/or commercial use without any restrictions whatsoever except for those mentioned hereinafter, and for the entire du­ration of the protection currently granted for such use by legal or statutory provisions, judicial and/or arbitral decisions of all countries, as well as international conventions (present and future), including eventual extensions that could be made to this duration.

          Likewise, with the exception of books, photograph books, comic strips, in any form of publication, video cassettes, CD-ROMs, DVD's or more generally all video recording or videodiscs, on any kind of device and in any format whatsoever, dealing with all or part of the Red Bull Romaniacs, posters, travel diaries, autograph books, maps, official programs of the Red Bull Romaniacs, the organizer will not exploit or allow the exploitation of the individual image of the Competitor in the context of marketing by-products known as merchandising.

          • Autoritatea Nationala pentru Turism
          • Mitas 3D 2017
          • Liqui Moly

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