Baggage transfer

For Competitors, Competitor assistants who DID NOT request an accommodation package during Registration

For the overnight stay outside Sibiu in Rânca, the 'Carpathian Travel Center' company is offering a 'personal baggage' transport service to and from Rânca. The cost is 25 Euro for each piece of baggage that you wish to be transported.

How to join the baggage transfer service
Email before July 1 Crina Ujupan with:-
- whom the baggage transfer is for.   Name(s), email(s), phone number(s), race BiB number(s)
- how many pieces of baggage are to be transferred. 
On Tuesday July 26 at the Red Bull Romaniacs accommodation desk in the Ramada Hotel - Strada Cioran Emil Nr 2, Sibiu you will make the baggage payment and will be presented with an identification badge label for each piece of baggage.

On Offroad day 2, Thursday July 28, before 08:00 bring your baggage to the Sibiu Competitor paddock - Strada Betonului, Sibiu, 557260. 
(Note: any baggage without badge label will not be transported.)  
Collect your baggage from the distribution collection point at the Rânca Competitor paddock - DN67C, Rânca 215300.

On Offroad day 3, Friday July 29 before 08:00, bring your baggage to the collection point at the Rânca Competitor paddock - DN67C, Rânca 215300. (Note: any baggage without the badge label will not be transported)
The baggage will be transported back to the Sibiu Competitor paddock - Strada Betonului, Sibiu, 557260. Collect before 20:00.

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