Competitor profile service

Competitor profile service since 2015.

Information about competitors, video clips and photographs are available for viewing from Red Bull Romaniacs events 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
NOTE: The Competitors 2020 profiles will become available as information is gathered and processed before, during and after the 2020 event.

Competitors, families, friends and fans can:-
- find event information about competitors - Race class, BIB: #, Nationality, Gender, Racing Team/Sponsors 
- see a photograph of the competitor that was taken during the event Inscription in Sibiu
- watch a small personal video clip of each competitor in offroad action during the event
- Professional photographers are taking action photographs of competitors during the event, we archive them in each 'Competitors profile' so that competitors, families, friends and fans can view them and if they wish can then purchase them in high or extra high resolution. 

To view a 'Competitors profile'
- select an event YEAR  Competitors 2020   Competitors 2019    Competitors 2018    Competitors 2017   Competitors 2016   Competitors 2015
- add a competitor NAME into the ''search selector''
- view the results - then click on the competitor NAME displayed.

NOTE: You can also view any 'Competitors Profile' by clicking on a competitors name on any results pages since 2015.