Competitor services supplied

Competitor services 

The organisers supply:-

  • Fuel at stops along the course for 4 strokes or 
    2 strokes/with 2 stroke oil already mixed into fuel.
  • Drinking water and a slice of melon at all fuel points on the track.
  • Snack meal at the ''finish''.
  • GPS Tracks of the course for 4 days and important waypoints. 
  • Topographic maps along the course.
  • Minimum 14 Rescue teams (ambulances, 4x4, ATV, motorcycles, helicopters)
  • Approximately 7 course steward teams per day equipped with first aid kits, knowledge of the road and communication facility with the race management
  • A helicopter with emergency medical aid-team offers its services for each competitor during the whole event.
  • Sweepers along the race track
  • A route for service vehicles
  • Broad media appearance through our Press Department and the large number of journalists, photographers and cameramen
  • Daily reports on and Facebook
  • Closing Party Party party

The organizers DO NOT provide competitors with:

  • A GarminĀ® GPS
  • Petrol before the offroad start 
  • Bike washing
  • possibly needed spare parts
  • your arrival and your departure costs 
  • party budget or beer money.



  • Single person bedroom occupancy  (Competitors / support crew / family / friends)
  • We can also provide double or triple rooms
  • Additional accommodation days.
  • Rental vehicles.
  • airport transfers, taxi.
  • sight seeing tours.
  • additional specialist hotel services.

These additional charge services can be ordered by emailing Crina Ujupan

The following information is required when ordering extra services:

  • Name, Telephone number
  • Do you come with a competitor? If yes, which one?
  • Which additional service would you like to order and for how many persons?
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If you have technical problems in making payment(s) please contact