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Useful advice for competitors at Red Bull Romaniacs.

- You must wear your “name and number bib” during the whole event and during the "Prolog qualification time trials" and "Prolog Finals". This provides additional security for your motorcycle at the Prolog motorcycle parking. If you do not wear your ´name and number bib´ you will NOT be allowed to collect your motorcycle from the Prolog start line parking place.

- After competitors complete the time trials qualifications we recommend taking motorcycles to the motorcycle security parking area.
- All competitors please should come and celebrate with the Finals winners at the end of the race. Winners presentation is at the 'Red Bull Finish Arch'.
- At the Prolog, competitors please talk with & thrill the spectators with your riding skills. They have all come to watch, video & photograph you.
- The first three winning competitors in each class must attend the “prize giving celebrations” at the end of the Prolog Finals at the 'Red Bull Finish Arch.
- Failure to attend will result in a last starting place in the offroad day 1 race.

More detailed information about the Prolog

Timebar times
- Competitors much reach each checkpoint before the displayed timebar time. If the timebar time is in RED (Example time 14:05:58) then the competitor has arrived too late at a checkpoint and now has status AB = Abandoned.   Competitors will be given instructions how to leave the race track at that checkpoint to get to the offroad finish/competitor paddock. 

- For GPS - Advice tips

Track Informations
- Liaison
 - The Liaison is NOT part of the race track, No speeding is required, you are subject to all normal Romanian road traffic laws !,  you have plenty of time at legal speed limits to get from start of the Liaison to finish of the Liaision.
- Offroad start - Here is the racing start of the Red Bull Romaniacs race, NOW you can race.  You must start at the offroad start on your given start time.
- ''Competitor Paddock checkpoint'', at the entrance.  If a competitor leaves the race track, they hand-in their GPS and rescue map there.
- Direction indicators for G (GOLD), S (silver), B (Bronze), I (Iron), A (Atom) pay close attention to ''track separation signs''. Follow your class sign, check with your GPS to ensure you have taken the right track for your class.
- If you are on a track but find you are ''off the GPS track'', you will have gone the wrong way at the ''class separation signs''.
- Direction Tapes (1 metre hanging banners) can be replaced by idiots, always assume that the GPS track is correct. Has around 50 meters accuracy

Tank points
- Fuel or Fuel with 2 stroke oil
- Take fuel quantity as advised. Tank yourself - take your time – don’t burn yourself or your motorbike.
- Attention if you fall off your motorcycle on the track and your bike is lying on it's side, switch off your fuel !! if you go to help another rider.  You can lose fuel fast and might not make it to next tank point.

Service points
- Compulsory to rest here for a “minimum” of 20 minutes.      You will be adviced during the event if the rest time will be greater or smaller.
- Your time will be taken at SPin "Service Point in” at entrance of the service point, present yourself at SPout “Service Point out” after your 20 minute rest. 
- Stay longer if you wish, but YOUR days race time is increasing

Spectator points
-  Your fans and friends are welcome to watch but no spectators are allowed inside the orange fencing or taped off areas, service crews for your safety, please keep out!!
- For safety reasons - No minders, friends or fans are allowed anywhere on the track, If any competitor is caught with friends or ´known friends or family' on the track on motorcycles he/she will be immediately disqualified.
-  Friends and fans are most welcome to come with motorcycle and cars to watch and cheers on friends and other competitors at the special spectator points that we have created. 

Speeding over limit = time penalties
- Near villages and houses keep your speed low. 
- In Romania many children play on the street and are attracted by the motorcycles. 
- If caught speeding by police, your race time will NOT be given back.
- There will be warning speed signs and waypoints in your GPS.

30 means drive less than 30 km/h
50 means drive less than 50 km/h.

If competitors drive greater than 10 Kilometres per hour over the speed limits they will be given a time penalty.
> 10 kilometres per hour = 5 minute time penalty

Time bars
- Not reaching a checkpoint before your ''Time bar'' means you have ''abandoned''(AB) the days race, and must leave the race track. 
- Failure to leave race track equals disqualification(DQ).

Survival equipment
-  We take you into the wilderness where Bears and Wolves live and into high altitudes in the mountains where local weather can at times be extreme. 
- For YOUR safety we WILL check if you are carrying YOUR survival equipment as clearly stated in the regulations ''section 6''. For missing equipment we will penalise you with a fine and penalty time points.

Motorcycle washing / cleaning
- No washing of bikes to take place anywhere else than published.
- Old oils can also be disposed in the designated area in the competitor paddock.

KP  Kamera Points / Spectator points
- There are international media & Romania TV camera crews and professional photographers and dedicated Romaniac team bloggers from all around the world as well as hundreds of amateur photographers looking to film you !.
- When you see a camera sign, remember: “full gas” and looking good is very important.

Medical assistance
A doctor will be available at the Ramada Hotel (near hotel reception) during the Prolog and each Offroad day to attend to any minor injuries.

WARNING - Advisory information
It is not allowed for service crews, friends and families to ride motorbikes on any part of the racetrack - there will be spot checks by local police and violations will be fined.
Any competitors caught on race tracks marked with blue tape before the event will be disqualified. We use wildlife cameras and track managers to monitor the use of tracks. Red Bull Romaniacs competitors will not be allowed to enter the race (entry fee will NOT be refunded).
NO free riding in the Sibiu area, you would eventually end up on private or restricted access property: This seriously complicates the track approval process for us.

We advice all competitors to carry during the event:-
- a photocopy of the registration document and insurance of the motorcycle competitors are driving during the event.
- a photocopy of your personal driving licence.
- 2 small stickers with your registration plate number on your rear mudguard. (see example foto) 
- Don't risk losing your driving licence, Romania has a zero percent drink limit, taxi's are convenient and not expensive in Sibiu.
NEW - Like most cities in Europe and worldwide Sibiu now has a road and pedestrian network of manned police observation cameras.  Do not race from traffic lights, or pass traffic lights when at RED !.
   drive normal, behave normal, keep racing and enthusiastic driving talents for the hard enduro Red Bull Romaniacs tracks !
Don't forget your race number is on your bike, so your vehicle and YOU can NOW easily be indentified.

Competitor Paddock

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