Injury assist time back

Assisting an injured competitor

The first competitor who finds an injured competitor HAS TO STOP and assist !
An injured competitor who requires medical care should NEVER be left alone!
Contact Medical rescue 1 0040 731 270 884 or Medical rescue 2 0040 751 869 322

This form to be filled in ONLY by assisting competitors

Your Bib / Race number is required.
Your name: (competitors only) is required.
Competitors Mobile/Handy: is required.
E-mail: is required.

Injured competitor details

GPS coordinates of injured competitor: is required.
Injured Competitor bib/race number: is required.
Which Offroad day?: is required.

Approximate time of accident: is required.
Time back requested: is required.

it will always be worth helping an injured competitor who needs medical assistance!

Competitors who assist a medically injured competitor could be provided with a ''calculated riding'' time so that their results are not affected by the time taken providing assistance to an injured competitor until a medical rescue team arrives.

The decision of what time to provide is analysed by the Rescue team Manager & Romaniacs Clerk of course using data from the race Headquarters results team, competitor(s) GPS, the injured Competitor and the attending medical Rescue team(s).

ADVISORY: ''time back claims'' are ''time constraint limited''   Time back cannot be given after the results go Official :   
Failing to complete this 'Injury assist time back' form can result in claims being rejected.
All the form questions need to be answered to assure that time back claims are recorded then analysed.
Note: A common problem with claims is that without the correct GPS co-ordinates we are unable to calculate an assist time.

No Mobile phone signal

If it is NOT possible to contact the Romaniacs medical rescue team due to no phone signal, then the supplied to competitors at the Inscription A4 paper ''Injured competitor - medical assistance form' with ALL details filled in should be handed to another competitor. 
STOP and ask a competitor to phone the Romaniacs rescue team when phone coverage is available and to provide the details written on the form.
In general there is GSM signal on most of the peaks and ridges but in some valleys there is no phone coverage.

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