Onboard Camera service

ONBOARD CAMERA SERVICE - 2019 Red Bull Romaniacs

Event regulations  - Section16. ONBOARD CAMERA SERVICE

 The rights for film taken during the 2019 Red Bull Romaniacs event belong to the organisers and Red Bull. 

By being released to use a personal onboard camera, a competitor renounces to all personal rights of material filmed with whatever type of camera during the 2019 Red Bull Romaniacs and agrees that the edited versions of the material filmed also have the following legal restrictions: 
1. The edited version or parts of the edited version can be used for personal use, sponsors and partners, social media platforms and website. 
2. None of the edited versions or parts of it may be given to any media channel without asking prior written permission from the right holders the organiser or Red Bull.

How to join the Onboard camera service contract.
 At the inscription on 28 & 29 July competitors can apply for the onboard personal camera service by paying for these services.  Service is for 1 onboard camera per competitor.

Competitors will get a recognition sign that shows the Red Bull Romaniacs staff that they are part of the onboard camera film crew and have the right to record.

The competitor will provide 2 empty memory cards in order to be able to film before and after the service point. 

At the service point and at the offroad finish the Romaniacs onboard camera team will take competitors memory chips (or at the Competitor Paddock checkpoint if a Competitor abandons the offroad day). 

Each morning at the GPS pick up point competitors memory chips can be collected together with their GPS and rescue map. 

If a competitor abandons the race and does not stop at either the Service point or the Offroad finish then they must leave the memory card together with their GPS and map at the ‘Competitor Paddock checkpoint’.

250 RON – for Up to 6 hours of received footage.
500 RON – for unlimited footage.

NOTE: Competitors will receive their raw footage minus several selected sections around 10 days after the race. 

Any competitor found using a Onboard personal camera without permission will be immediately force disqualified from the competition.