Picking the right class

Here is what you should know when Registering to compete in Red Bull Romaniacs

After deciding to join ''The world`s toughest hard enduro rallye'', picking the right class is probably the most critical decision that you will make.

Select the right class, according to your physical fitness, riding technique ability and racing experiences. This will make the difference between "epic fail" and becoming a ''Red Bull Romaniacs Finisher".

Picking the wrong class can either mean that you have overestimated your riding skill level and are registering yourself into a too difficult class – which will inevitably bring you to sections, that you consider "impossible to ride". You may master the first few of these by dragging your bike up or throwing it down the hill, but either your bike or yourself will give up utterly frustrated after realizing that these sections just keep coming, one after the other!
You are a talented and skilled rider and you have registered into a class that is far below your level. You might end up on the podium, but you will always ask yourself, what it would have been like if you had competed in your riding skill level.

 And after coming home and showing your trophies to your friends and family, their first question will naturally be: "Which class did you compete in?" And they will know ;-)

The best way to find out which class to pick, is to talk to former Red Bull Romaniacs competitors who might also know your riding skill level and ask them for advice to choose the class. Alternatively, you could compare your results in national competitions with riders that have finished the Red Bull Romaniacs.

Make sure you pick a gnarly or rainy race for comparison and not a competition in which high speed on flat terrain or motocross tests define your ranking position.

To help you selecting the right class and give you a race experience that will provide a life time memory, we have prepared a few recommendations.
 Red Bull Romaniacs riders compete in four different classes:
Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron

Gold means "IMPOSSIBLE to ride" (unless you are a god of Extreme Enduro)

Iron means "a tough 4-days race without IMPOSSIBLE sections". But even the Iron class is no "walk in the park": you have to be well prepared. 

All classes generally cover 100-200km of terrain per day and include a mandatory break of 20 minutes at the service point. The estimated riding time is similar for all classes and averages at around 6-8 hours. In order to become a finisher, you should naturally bring sufficient technical skills to maintain your bike throughout the race; bring a bike that is ready and well prepared for an Extreme Enduro event and you should have been practising using your GPS. 

Here are our recommendations:


  • Professional class
  • You should be one of the world`s top 100 Extreme Enduro Riders or a top ranked rider in the World Enduro Championship or have a solid Trial background
  • Your physical fitness, mental stability and ability to deal with pain should be world class
  • The sections we will present to you will be impossible to ride for "humans"


  • You should bring Extreme Enduro experiences, have scored well in your national Enduro Championship. 
  • Some Trial techniques would be useful
  • Your physical fitness, mental stability and ability to deal with pain should be excellent

We will present you extreme sections with steps, insane up- and downhills and you gotta be quite fast to stay inside the time-bar. You should be able to maintain a fluent riding style even in extreme sections


  • You have Enduro racing experience and get good results.
  • Solid Enduro riding and technical skills will be needed
  • Your physical fitness, mental stability and ability to deal with pain should have been trained before the race. You should be able to quickly recover a fluent riding style after dragging your bike though sections that you have never considered riding before


  • You had difficulties finishing the "Bronze " class in a previous Romaniacs?
    Then this is a perfect alternative: No "bike-throwing", Trial-style sections or extreme downhills !
  • But we will send you onto all kind of single trails in different conditions (including slippery roots and rocks after rain…), regular obstacles like trees, small steps, flat water crossings 
  • Prolog is voluntary (Want a better start position on offroad day 1 - then do it)
  • Your physical fitness should be good but there is no need to go to the gym every day to prepare.
  • You should have had already quite a few enduro weekends or local competitions on your bike in this season

Even though Iron is the most manageable class for Red Bull Romaniacs rookies, it still is a class of the Red Bull Romaniacs, "The World`s toughest hard enduro rallye"
The four offroad days in the Romanian wilderness will push you beyond your current limits and it should not be taken for granted, that you will finish.