Practice tracks

Be cautious, take care, several competitors have injured themselves during the pre-event motorcycle setup practice and then have NOT been able to compete !  
- Competitors ride on the practice track using their own organised 'personal insurance coverage', those who are insured through the Federația Română de Motociclism(FRM) practice day(s) insurance is NOT included. 

- It is a ''practice setup track'', is not a race track, it is provided so that competitors can adjust handlebars, levers, setup their suspension, setup GPS mounts and practice following a GPS track to become better pre-event prepared.
- Competitors train hard at home for Red Bull Romaniacs, you have come here to compete, don't wear out or break your race motorbike or yourself before the racing begins.
- Once a competitor GPS('s) is handed-in at the Inscription. it will not be returned to competitors until the morning of Offroad day 1.

Free to ride - motorcycle setup practice tracks.
Competitors will be emailed google map directions from 'Competitor paddock to the practice setup track' and their race class 'GPS practice track' before the practice days so they can add and upload the GPS track onto their own personal GPS devices.
GPS practice tracks are provided to suit race classes Gold&Silver | Bronze | Iron&Atom

Practice days & times
Medical Rescue 1 0040 731 270 884 assistance at the 'practice setup track' is available during the below times.
Saturday July 20 10:00-17:00
Sunday July 21 10:00-17:00 
Monday July 22 10:00-12:00 | 13:00 Event opening ceremony & Nation's motorcycle parade  |  20:00 Organisers event briefing in hotel  
To avoid accidents, follow the direction arrows and stay ONLY on the GPS track of your race class.
There is terrain close to the practice tracks which is sensitive, competitors do not have permission to ride there. Getting caught by Police or landowners outside the GPS tracks provided will equal immediate (DSQ) disqualification from competing.(your entry fee will not be returned)

GPS device training
GPS setup for RomaniacsRead and watch GPS /Good to know/ FAQ 
You MUST know how to create a waypoint to pass the GPS inscription.

Become better informed
Competitors who read the information provided get better results and look less confused around the event !   
Read the regulations Romaniacs Prolog regulations Romaniacs event regulations |  Race Program

WARNING - Advisory informations
- It is not allowed for service crews, friends and families to ride motorbikes/motorised vehicles on any part of the event racetrack - there will be spot checks by local police and violations will be fined. We use wildlife cameras and track managers to monitor the use of tracks, any Red Bull Romaniacs competitors caught on race tracks marked with blue tape before the event will be disqualified (DSQ) from competing, they will not be allowed to enter the race and the entry fee will NOT be refunded.
- NO free-riding is allowed anywhere in the Sibiu area or on Offroad terrain around Sibiu, You will end up on private or restricted access property.

- The 2024 event Inscriptions are open on Saturday July 20 afternoon & Sunday July 21 & Monday July 22  competitors must plan their motorcycle setup practice time so they do not miss their inscription arrival times or the Monday July 22 13:00 Event opening ceremony & motorcycle parade

Event advice and information for competitors is sent to you via email and is contained in the Race program & on Romaniacs website pages

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