Competitor Paddock and Service point - Terms of Participation

Red Bull Romaniacs 'Edition 19' July 25-29. 2023

Competitor Paddock(s), Off-road start(s), Service point(s), Off-road Finish(es) and other event areas.
Terms of participation for Service suppliers- Race Servicing/Motorcycle rental AND competitor(s) Supporters-mechanic(s), service crew, family and friend(s)I understand that my participation involves a degree of risk. However, I confirm that neither the organisers of the event nor main event sponsor Red Bull GmbH (“Red Bull”) nor any of its related companies is to be blamed if I get injured. I am in possession of a valid personal liability insurance that covers my participation. If I cause damage to anyone else or their property, I will take the blame and I will make sure that the organisers, main event sponsor Red Bull GmbH or any of its related companies will not incur any damage in this regard.

I understand that as being a event participant, providing Service supplier services-Race Servicing/Motorcycle rental OR providing ANY assistance to any competitor(s) OR being a spectator at any location during Red Bull Romaniacs I may find 'unexpected obstacles' or 'traffic' near the race track. Unexpected obstacles or dangerous sections can be caused, but not limited to, terrain alternation, weather changes, floods, rising water levels or rain, alpine danger(s), possible "flying" items due to motorcycles or other spectators.
'Traffic' can be people, farm animals, domestic pets, wild animals and all types of motor vehicles. I am aware that being near or on “Red Bull Romaniacs” tracks could be dangerous. I, therefore, agree not to take any unnecessary risks and will myself be responsible to judge the right distance away from the racetrack especially in places where the race is taking place. It is my responsibility as a 'Service supplier' providing a Race Servicing/Motorcycle rental or a person assisting ANY event participant(s) to ensure that I am driving with due care and attention to avoid any possible collisions. I am aware that I am not allowed with any vehicle on the racetrack at any time. I agree to stick to Romanian traffic rules and drive ONLY at 'walking speed'' in Off-road start, daily Service points, Competitor paddocks, Off-road finish and any other event locations that require careful driving. It is my responsibility to adjust my speed to the difficulty and characteristic of the terrain. I agree to these Terms of participation and these General terms of use. By participating in this event I agree that my personal data processed in the course of this event can be used by the organisers and the Red Bull group for (i) the purpose of the Event and (ii) as stated in the website privacy policy.

I agree not to use the Red Bull or 'Red Bull Romaniacs' or 'Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye' brand name(s) or derivatives of, anywhere EXCEPT for activities or promotion of: Competitors racing at Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye or Service supplier Race Servicing/Motorcycle rental services WARNING: The use of  'Red Bull Romaniacs tracks', 'Red Bull Romaniacs tours', 'Romaniacs tours' or the selling of any services using any derivative of the brand copyright names 'Red Bull' or 'Romaniacs' on any website(s), email(s), social media posting(s), by audio, by video or verbally is expressly forbidden unless written permission has been authorised in writing by SC Xventure SRL, Str. Cetatii nr 34, 550160 Sibiu, Romania and sanctioned by Red Bull GmbH. The illegal use of copyright brand names or logo(s) or derivatives of, can result in punitive financial legal actions being taken. I agree to comply with the organisers rules and safety protocols for my own good and everybody else’s. I have checked my equipment which is in good working order, properly maintained and suitable for the event and I am aware that I will only be allowed to take part after reading and understanding the Romaniacs event regulations.

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