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Racing Service and bike rental for Red Bull Romaniacs by FM Racing Romania

We are offical Romaniacs motorcycle rental and racing servicing partner.

Additionally we can organise and provide:
- airport transfers
- transport to and from your event accommodation to Competitor paddock
- We can also offer you pre-event training before the race, you can fly into Cluj Napoca(CLJ) or Sibiu airport, we will pick you up and you can choose a package with 3-5 training days near our location in Alba Iulia.
For prices contact:  Whatsapp number +40 742 265 487 Mobile : 0040-742265487

We offer an extensive package to allow you to enjoy your race in the knowledge that WE will do everything you would do yourself, we call it the "Factory treatment"

Our Service for Red Bull Romaniacs is located in the main competitor paddock, you will have access to our rest place where we have refrigerator with cold drinks, food, espresso machine and free Wi-Fi Hot spot.

Our mechanics are very prepared for this hard enduro races and they can diagnose and repair everything on your bike, in case of major damage to the engine we will do everything is necesary to fix your bike for next day.

In the evenings we will wash your bike and service your bike in line with recommended service protocols, checking for loose nuts and bolts, necessary adjustments and wear, air filter, oil, brake/clutch fluids change everyday.

Problems identified will be fixed with our own comprehensive stocks of parts, we also provide spare parts and accessories at the competitor paddock area.

With our experience, we give you the advise needed on what type of tyres to use, which engine settings/suspension settings to use for Red Bull Romaniacs.

One part of our team is present each day at the Service Points where they will have spare parts, fast service, food/fruits and cold drinks.

FM Racing Romania offers NEW and used rental motorcycles for Red Bull Romaniacs

    KTM 300 TPI 2022 Brand New
    Husqvarna TE 300 2022 Brand New

    KTM 350 EXC-F 2022 Brand New
    Husqvarna FE 350 2022 Brand New

    GasGas EC300 2022 Used
    GasGas EC250 2022 Used

    KTM 300 TPI 2022 Used
    KTM 250 TPI 2022 Used

    Husqvarna TE 300 2022 Used
    KTM 250/300 TPI 2020 Used

    Husqvarna TE 250/300 2020 Used

All our FM racing rental motorcycles are road registered and insured for our clients to ride legally on Romania public roads.

:When you rent a motorcycle from us you have the warranty that is 100% a Ready to Race bike, all our bikes are equiped with following parts :

  • Front Mousse
  • Rear Mousse (or tubliss)
  • Aluminium Handguard
  • Automatic Fan Cooler/ Or Manual
  • Our own are fitted
    - Radiator Silicone Hose

    UniBody Radiator Guard
    - Rear Brake Disk Guard
    -TPS Protection
  • Big aluminium Skid plate with Pipe Protector
  • SwingArm protectors
  • Front + Rear Strap
  • Clutch cover protection
  • New Tyres - you can choose from tyre brands we recommend for Romaniacs.

Fm Racing bike service for Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye:
1. Bike wash after every race day
2. Bike service before the race at the Competitor paddock with minimum of 5 mechanics
3. Bike service during the race at the Service points with 3 experienced mechanics.
4. Bike spare parts at the Competitor paddock and Service points (Our stock) (KTM/ Husqvarna Dealer)
5. Mousse/Tubliss and tyres change service
6. You can reserve tyres, mousses and Tubliss before the race at special prices.
7. You can also pre-order spare parts for your bike (KTM - Husqvarna)
8. At the Competitor paddock and Service points we will have water, Fruits and energy drinks (Cold and Hot drinks)
9. Wi-Fi Hot spot in Competitor paddock and Service points with unlimited internet 
10. Prepaid sim card with unlimited internet access in Romania 
11. Extra riding days before the race, in this way you can get used to the race bike and we can make final race settings for you

We are a company which has specialised in the offroad motorcycle business since 2003. We are based in Alba Iulia near to Sibiu
Our full service means that we will not give you tools to repair your bike by yourself, we will do this for you in the Competitor paddock and also at the Service points during the race.



FM Racing ''ADVANCE PACKAGE'' for Red bull Romaniacs
You can book extra this service and it will include :
- Therapeutic massage after each riding day.
- 2 extra riding days before the Prolog with our local guide.
- Transport to the offroad start areas.
- Box with dry clothes in service point.
- Storage space in our race truck for your riding gear. 
- Hotel shuttle to competitor paddock and back.
- Airport transfers from Sibiu Airport. 

For prices for the "Advance package''
contact: Whatsapp & Mobile number +40 742 265 487

FM parts - Hard enduro motorcycle specialist parts.
- Mail order delivery to your home
- Order pay and have pre-event delivered to the Red Bull Romaniacs competitor paddock.


For prices and questions feel free to contact us

Whatsapp number +40 742 265 487
Mobile : 0040-742265487


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