Zona Paddock89-Motorcycle rental/Service/Transport

Zona Paddock Team and Alfredo Gómez came together to create Zona Paddock89.

Zona Paddock89 is a competition service team that is present at all rounds of the FIM hard enduro World Championship's

Amatuer competitors can join this team so they can benefit from professonal training, motorcycle servicing and race support before and during hard enduro events. 

Alfredo Gomez
The Husqvarna competitor is the technical advisor to the Zona Paddock89 team and to competitors who join the Zona Paddock89 event support service packages.

Zona Paddock89 can supply KTM, Husqvarna or Gas GAS rental motorcycles and race service at Red Bull Romaniacs
We provide a motorcycle transport service from Spain and race servicing for competitor motorcycles - before and during the Red Bull Romaniacs event.



We offer the complete Red Bull Romaniacs race service:

We provide whatever competitors need to be able to sucessfully compete at Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye

  • Motorcyle rental
  • Assistance and availability of spare parts at the competitor paddock and service points during the race
  • Servicing and setup before, during and every evening of the event
  • Food and drinks supplied at service points.
  • Oils and sprays included
  • Motorcycle transport to Red Bull Romaniacs.

    Before event
  • Motorcycle all race season setup's and repair service
  • Motorcycle race preparation - Engine setup, Protection parts, Suspension improvements.

For more information and details:
Contact: Javier Ruiz Ugarte

Can write in English and Spanish

Zona Paddock, S.L
+34 942 101 656
Pol. Ind. La Esprilla, Bl.1 - Nº15
39608 Igollo de Camargo (CANTABRIA)

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