1KTM-Motorcycle rental/Servicing


is the Local KTM and Husqvarna dealer for Sibiu, 'The city of Red Bull Romaniacs' 
For informations contact: angelo@1ktm.ro

Register to race at Romaniacs HERE,  Competitor participation registration opens 23 October 12:00, 2019  EEST  (Eastern Europe Summer Time)

Due to our long-term experience we offer the best service for this race. In the past years, we provided bikes and service for over 200 riders, from all over the world, for all race classes.

New Bike package:  KTM EXC Six Days models.

New Bike package:  Husqvarna TE 300 2 stroke models.

New Bike package:  KTM/Husqvarna all other models.

Our services are:
VIP Service: washing, refueling, preparing and setting the bike, during race and  pre-race. Service at the paddock and at the service point including cold water, Gatorade, Coke, snacks, fruits, sandwiches, pasta. Spare parts service (no spare parts included), free Wi-Fi, Prolog training on a private prolog area with Andy Fazekas (the builder of RBR Prolog), BBQ Party after the race including massage and premium drinks, one personalized Red Bull Romaniacs limited edition race shirt.

VIP Plus Service includes VIP service and: rider pick up at the Sibiu Airport and transfer to the hotel, bike and rider shuttle at the start every morning, and from the finish every afternoon, (sometimes the start and the finish are over 50 km away from the hotel), carryover of a 12/16-liter private box (supplied by us) to the service point.

Ultimate VIP Service includes VIP plus service and: you can choose your food (in reasonable limits), Gear cleaning during race and training, 1 day of training with our 1KTM race trainer.

Ultimate VIP Plus Service includes Premium VIP and: Survival kit asked by the race organiser, prepaid sim card including internet and unlimited local minutes. Luggage transport to hotel in case of sleeping overnight in a different location. 1 extra day of training. Massage.


For informations contact: Angelo Stefanescu angelo@1ktm.ro