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You can enter an ’online protest’ but you still need to come to the ‘Protest desk’ at the Protest desk outside the Race Directors Headquarter office.  

It is very important that competitors view their ''Official day'' results soon after they have arrived at the Offroad Finish, Competitor paddock or at their accommodation.
The ''Official day'' results can be viewed on mobile smart phones, desktop computers, laptops, tablets, using the results pages of the Red Bull Romaniacs website.

Results investigations and possible protests are time limited, once a competitors results has been published in the ''Detailed race progress'' and 2 hour passes then ''results investigations & protests'' will not be accepted.

Competitors need to check their results as SOON AS POSSIBLE AFTER REACHING the Offroad Finish, Competitor Paddock or thier accommodation.

Do not delay making a result protest. A ''Result Protests'' or  a ''First Aid, medical assistance time back claim'' cannot be accepted after results become official.

Please note

For immediate analysis of your protest an “OFFICIAL protest fee” of 130 € has to be collected, if the protest is upheld then this will be immediately returned.

Bitte beachten Sie

Für die sofortige Analyse der Protest, ist  eine "offizielle Protestgebühr" von 130 € zu erheben. Wenn der Protest bestätigt wird, dann wird diese unverzüglich zurückerstattet.

Vă rugăm să rețineți

Pentru o analiză imediată a protestului dumneavoastră o "taxă de protest oficial" de 130 € trebuie să fie colectata iar în cazul în care contestația este acceptată, atunci această taxă va fi returnată imediat.