The Prolog regulations

Prolog Finals - Tues July 25. 2023

Tuesday July 25, 2023
At Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu in the very heart of Sibiu's medival centre.

Morning qualifications for the Prolog Finals
Silver, Bronze, Iron, Atom race classes
line up in BIB/race number order in the parking area behind the Red Bull starting Arch,
1. Silver class competitors
7:00 Competitors to the 'parking place' line up 
7:15 Track Walk
7:30 Start
2. Bronze
8:00 Competitors to the 'parking place' line up
8:30 Track walk
8:40 Start
3. Iron
10:00 Competitors to the 'parking place' line up
10:30 Track Walk Iron and Atom
10:40 Start
4. Atom
After Iron finishes qualification
Start Atom

Afternoon qualifications for Prolog finals
5. Gold class competitors 
15:30 - Line up in BIB/race number order behind the Red Bull starting Arch.
16:00 Start lap 1
Finish Lap 1 - Line up at again at Red Bull start Arch for lap 2
Start lap 2

The Prolog - FINALS races
The 35 fastest competitors from the qualifications now compete in a multi lap race to try and become the 'Prolog champion of 2023'.
17:00  Event Introduction
17:15  Welcome & top ten competitors presentation
17:30  race 1 starts 
race 1. Bronze class
race 2. Silver Class 
race 3. Gold Class

The 'Prolog Finals' races will be LIVE ONLINE streamed from 17:15 EEST = Eastern European Summer Time

Rules and regulations

Gold class
Silver class
Bronze class
Iron and Atom classes

Spectator Terms and Conditions
As a viewing spectator I will take special care when entering and viewing the Prolog area and when at or near any part of the Prolog track.
I will stay behind the barriers in the designated spectator areas and follow instructions provided by event officials and Jandarmeria (Police).    
I, therefore, agree NOT to take any unnecessary risks and to keep a safe distance away from the motorcycle activities.

Red Bull Romaniacs products shopping
09:00 - 20:00 Our shop selling The 2023 "Red Bull Romaniacs FAN WEAR clothing collection" is at The Prolog on Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu.
You can also purchase Romaniacs products from the ONLINE event SHOP and have them delivered to your home. 

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