Why race July 27-31. 2021?

Edition 18  Vertical Madness Reloaded  July 27-31. 2021

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One of the main reasons to compete is the unique enduro rallye terrain in the Red Bull Romaniacs regions. The terrain has gained a compelling reputation in the world of 'hard enduro'. Many competitors want to experience this for themselves and see if this enduro rallye can really be as gruelling and gnarly as its reputation and at the same time as varied and stunningly beautiful as the event videos display.

Competing in this unique, vast, wilderness terrain is a big motivational force drawing enduro enthusiasts from nations all around the world.

Red Bull Romaniacs celebrates the worldwide growth in the sport of 'hard enduro' and its recognition now as the World's tougherst in the world of motorsports racing.

No matter the 'current situation' the Romaniacs management team and staff make agreements, find solutions and then apply them to allow competitors to race safely.

Edition 18 - July 27-31. 2021 - will again bring competitors from all race classes together, competing alongside the world's top hard enduro professionals, while at times having to help & encourage each other in the most difficult, extreme and remote situations they have ever encountered offroad on a motorcycle.

The event signature name 'Vertical Madness Reloaded' is motivated by the 35,000+ altitude meters that the Gold class competitors had to climb and decend in the 2020 Red Bull Romaniacs -this is almost four times the height of Mount Everest and the most altitude metres ever driven in a 'hard enduro rallye' event.

In 2020 we ventured more into the 'Decebal tracks'. In 2021 we will go even deeper into that region and the forests where the Dacians used to live before the Roman Empire stretched further out to absorb this area as well.

Red Bull Romaniacs competitors compete in five different classes: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Atom. Recommendations for 'Picking the right class'

See you in Sibiu in 2021 for Red Bull Romaniacs 
Edition 18  Vertical Madness Reloaded  July 27-31. 2021

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