Why race Red Bull Romaniacs

Registration Opens:

Want to compete in Red Bull Romaniacs July 23-27. 2024

Ride more, train harder and build up your strength and endurance, the racing commences on July 23. 2024
The 2024 Registration OPENS Wednesday October 4. 2023  

The reason most people compete is to experience the unique and natural offroad terrain in the Red Bull Romaniacs regions.

The terrain in Romania is famous for producing and maintaining it's Toughest event in the world reputation.

Many worldwide enduro or trials or motorcycle rally competitors wish to experience this 'World's toughest hard enduro rallye' for themselves and see if it really is as tough and gnarly as its reputation.

Will they be able to take on and get to the finish of this crazy 5 day challenge? 
Can they become?
- A proud Red Bull Romaniacs event Finisher
- Get the best ranking possible, meet and beat own personal goals?
- be a special and very unique competitor and get onto the 'podium steps' on a race day
- get on the event overall podium steps,
The challenge is there and is available for anyone, from any nation,

Is it true?  are the daily tracks are really are so varied? 
Are the views and countryside really as stunningly beautiful as it appears on the many Red Bull Romaniacs videos?.

Competing in this unique, vast, wilderness terrain is a motivating force that brings to Romania enduro enthusiasts from 50+ nations.
The 2024 Edition 21 will introduce new tracks that have never been ridden before and will force competitors to dig deeper to reach their reserves of energy, mental strength and skill levels.

It is simply a never ending challenge that attracts the real toughest adrenaline junkies from trials, enduro, motorcycle rally, motocross and of course hard enduro sport as well as many champions from winter sports.

Red Bull Romaniacs continues to celebrate the worldwide growth it began by introducing the sport of 'hard enduro rallye'. 

Our Edition 21 in 2024 will again bring amatuer competitors together to meet and compete alongside the Worlds top offroad motorcycle professionals and F.I.M World champion hard enduro competitors..

Don't miss the 2024 Edition 21
You could be in Romania as a Competitor, Competitors assistant, family and friend, event competitor supporter or a Red Bull Romaniacs event fan.

We hope to see you here in Sibiu for the July 23-27.2024   Limitless   Editon 21

If you not able to come and compete or spectate in Romania, you can always watch ONLINE

We will entertain you all in July 2024
Red Bull Romaniacs Management team

Bronze Class competitor Rob Chavez about the terrain: “The riding here is 2nd to NONE! You go out here and you see so much beautiful terrain - from the super high mountains, where you are in the clouds, and then you come back down and you are in the trees, in a day you see more riding, then you ever see in most peoples lifetime!” 

Bronze Class Competitor Rob Chavez about the Red Bull Romaniacs:                         

  • “I did the Iron class last year- and I had a great time and I wanted to come back and run Bronze this year”
  • “ It makes me young, it makes me feel young! when I sit on the couch, I feel horrible!”
  • “I like doing stuff that’s really hard and that not everybody can do. I like to challenge, I need to push myself!”
  • “I probably dreamed about the Romaniacs for ten years before I went. I was always trying to get some of my friends to go. Then one year they said, they were all going to go. But nobody went - except for me! I signed up and I went! I was glad for the push (to get here) now I am not afraid!. I like doing stuff that’s really hard and that not everybody can do. I like to challenge, I need to push myself!”
  • “Its a challenge. I mean to do everything to get here, to train, and ride and get your work done and still have family time - it is work! But it is passion, you know, to do it - its worth it!”
  • “On the first day… I suffered a little bit, in the first few hours, and then I had to remind myself what I was doing and were I was at - and then I had fun with it! And then, once I started having fun with it, the rest of the race was great!” (had fun and not suffered too much)
  • “I kind of remember what it was last year - when you come here, you are racing with the best Enduro riders in the world! I t is not like racing at home where we had 10 good riders - there’s hundreds of good riders here! To be able to ride with them is pretty much an honor!” I am glad to be here and I am glad to have the opportunity to do this - I am pretty lucky!”

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