27 Saturday: [EN] Romaniacs After party

Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye 
Limitless   Edition 21   July 23-27. 2024

Hi everyone

Let's celebrate 21 years of this amazing hard enduro rallye event with an AWESOME Romaniacs After party, party.

Everyone is welcome, competitors, competitor assistants, family & friends, service suppliers, service crews, event Supporters, spectators and romaniacs event fans. 
Share 2024 and past event stories with the other event participants.

Meet with the event staff - the Prolog teams, Headquarter staff, the Track Manager teams, Checkpoint crews, Offroad start and Offroad finish staff, all the hundreds of event staff who are all involved in producing and making every Romaniacs a very special event that attracts people from 50+ nations.

BRING your event ''participant badge'' to the party.
Participant badge = Competitor, staff, media, supporter badge. 

Where is the party, party, party?
Beside the Compatitor paddock google map link, Șoseaua Alba Iulia 5, Sibiu 550052

For Competitors / Competitor assistants who during registration purchased the ''WITH food and accommodation package" the Saturday July 27 evening meal will be supplied at this location
For Competitors who during registration purchased the "WITHOUT  food and accommodation package' you can pay for an evening meal at this location.  

Is there an entry fee to the party?
NO If you bring and present your 2024 Red Bull Romaniacs 'Participant badge
Yes if you do not have an event participation badge. 60 Ron/Lei entry fee paid at the entrance.

Saturday July 27. come earlier or arrive before 21:45
To get around the city centre during the event and to the 'After party', you can order a taxi online by downloading a ''Taxi app''. 

You can order a Taxi online.  They come and pick you up at your location.
TAXI 924 Client   request by phone 0040 269 924
Taxi 942 Sibiu      request by phone 0040 269 942
Taxi 953 Client     request by phone 0040 269 953

Download the app.
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