Aria Competitor paddock July 20-28

Opens at 12:00 on Saturday July 20, closes 12.00 Sunday July 28

Aria Competitor paddock google map link, Șoseaua Alba Iulia 5, Sibiu 550052

Service suppliers, mechanics, family & friends and competitor event SUPPORTERS who wish to have access into to the Aria competitor paddock and ServicePoints must purchase a  50 euro \ 250 ron/Lei  'Supporters' event participation badge.
Do this at either at the Aria Competitor paddock entrance from 12:00 Saturday July 20 or from 14:00 from the Ramada hotel foyer. 
Accredited Supporters will receive event support email and Event news report emails during the event.

Service suppliers, Mechanics, family & friends and supporters who wish to have access into to the Aria competitor paddock and ServicePoints must purchase a  50 euro \ 250 ron/Lei  'Supporters' event participation badge. This can be done at the Aria Competitor paddock entrance from 12:00 Saturday July 20 or from the 14:00 from the Ramada foyer.  Supporters will receive emails during the event 

Right beside the Aria competitor paddock is the Aria Swimming pool, Spa, massage and wellness center, just right where it is needed ! 
0040 269 227 778 | |

Service suppliers who are bringing 'heavy goods vehicles, TIR vehicles' OR Factory race teams / Motorcycle clubs with multiple vehicles who are servicing many competitors contact to pre-book an access time and suitable parking place.

On Offroad day 1, 2 and 4  "Aria Competitor paddock START" - competitors will transit riding their motorcycle following the GPS track to the Offroad start location. Then the racing begins!
On Offroad day 1, 3 and 4 at the Offroad Finish - competitors will transit riding their motorcycle from the Offroad finish back to the Aria competitor paddock in Sibiu following Romaniacs direction signs,
More exact details will be provide closer to the event

Marathon Stage 
On Offroad day 2  Competitors will transit riding their motorcycle FROM THE Offroad day 2 finish and follow the Romaniacs direction signs to the Parc fermé motorcycle security park in Râmnicu Vâlcea.
On Offroad day 3  Competitors will transit riding their motorcycle following the GPS track directly from the Raminicu Valcea Parc fermé security park START to the Offroad day 3 start location. Then the racing begins!
More exact details will be provide closer to the event.

Motorcycle washing / cleaning
Approved motorcycle environmental mats under motorcycles MUST be used in the Aria Competitor paddock, at daily service points, everywhere and anywhere when working on motorcycles.
No washing of motorcycles is permitted in the competitor paddock, there are many commercial car & motorcycle power wash cleaning facilities.
Google maps - Sibiu area - Power wash locations
Every service vehicle must contain a first aid kit, fire extinguisher(s) and a fire blanket.

No campfires or open fire/coal barbecue's are permitted.

Assistance will be provided by the event competitor support sponsor Milwaukee and their staff with their extensive specialist professional tools.
Toilets with regular maintenance service will be provided.
A motorcycle security park with security guards is provided.

Taxi information
To get around the city centre, you can order a taxi online by downloading a ''Taxi app''. 
You can then order a Taxi online.  They come and pick you up at your location.
TAXI 924 Client   request by phone 0040 269 924
Taxi 942 Sibiu      request by phone 0040 269 942
Taxi 953 Client     request by phone 0040 269 953

Download the app.
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Your actions, can be photographed by people who could harm the enduro motorcycle community, wherever you are during the event, Aria competitor paddock, Romaniacs Prolog, Service points, at Offroad Spectator points, Offroad start, Offroad Finish, on or near the track, where ever you are parking, make sure you and YOUR service crew, family and friends, supporters take ALL your rubbish away and dispose of them environmentally correctly.

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