Terms of Participation

Participants are Competitors, Competitors assistants, Service suppliers/service crew, Competitors supporters, accredited media, organisers event staff. 

- All current safety event regulations to prevent infections and the spread of the Covid19 will be met and implemented.
- Regulations and prevention measures to avoid Covid19 infection are mandatory for ALL event participants.
- Specific measures will be taken to limit physical interactions between event participants.
- The interaction with event staff during administrative checks will be done with social distancing measures implemented.
- Work areas in the Competitor paddock, and service points will be arranged at recommended distances.
- No physical assistance or help to aid the progress of a competitor on or near the racetrack is allowed, participants, fans are not allowed to assist or help.
- Daily competitors briefings, results, event information will be published online. (

Epidemiological prevention measures and social distancing
- Participants will have access to approved hand hygiene products.
- Rescue teams will wear approved protection equipment.
- Wearing a ‘face mask’ that covers both the mouth and nose in 'event areas' or in ANY closed spaces or when in close proximity to other people is mandatory.
- Respiratory hygiene is mandatory (coughing and sneezing into the elbow or direct into a paper napkin, which will be thrown immediately in a garbage box.)
- It is recommended to avoid touching the face, eyes, nose, mouth.
- Washing hands regularly is preferable to wearing gloves.
- no hand shaking, and greet hugging.

No Participants with any of the below symptoms will be allowed to particpate:-
- with a temperature registering higher than 37.3 C
- with flu symptoms
- who presents ANY symptoms of Covid-19 such as fever, breathing problems, coughing, abnormal fatigue or the loss of the taste or smelling senses.
Participants involved in the event must when requested perform a digital thermometry check

In the the case of:
- a registered temperature over 37.3 C
- a suspicious result from a 'Personal responsibility health check'
- a clinical suspicion from the daily medical team questions.
- a participant reporting symptoms or displaying a suspicious clinical diagnose.

These participants will report to the co-ordinator medic of the competition, suspect cases will be isolated, then will have further medical analysis completed.
If after these medical checks the participants condition remains suspect then contact will be made immediately to the competent authorities.

The medical team will perform epidemiological examinations and Participants will declare on their own responsibility that they were not exposed to positive cases or were in contact with people suspected by COVID19 in the previous 14 days. 

Participants can contact our Covid co-ordinator medic team for if they wish to discuss any symptoms or if their health feels different from normal.
Dr Adrian Bălan 0040 744 592 348 - Speaks Romanian, English
Cosmin Costea 0040 752 234 204 - Speaks English, German, Romanian, Italian. 

- All participants will wear face masks during the program of the race.

ALL participants
- Have responsibility to ensure they have their own personal supply of replacement face masks and disinfectant hand wash always immediately available and ready to use.
- Paper tissues, Wet wipes, table and chair cleaning and disinfectant products and waste disposable plastic bags should be immediately available and used often to ensure that a safe clean & hygienic environment is maintained at all times

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