“Enduro for Romania” charity project of Red Bull Romaniacs

For many years now, despite the poverty that still exists in some rural areas, people keep welcoming our event in their neighbourhoods with hospitality and enthusiastic support for the competitors.

Since 2016 we have been raising funds to support and give back to those who need it the most.

To raise the funds we hosted flea-markets with used and excess enduro gear and protection equipment during the 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 Editions. We encouraged competitors and visitors to bring anything they can spare for a good cause.  The staff collected it during the event and presented it on a huge Red Bull Romaniacs Flea-market. This concept has been a success and we will continue it into the following years.

From the entry fees collected from competitors for the 2019 Red Bull Romaniacs we decided to allocate 5000 Euros directly into the 'Enduro for charity fund' to help those in need.

Where can I hand over my donation articles?

  • On arrival - There will be a collection point at the entrance to Competitor Paddock throughout the whole event.
  • On departure - Even when departing Sibiu you can leave your used (and even dirty) motorcycle gear and protection at the entrance to the Competitor Paddock.
  • The collection point is marked with the sign ''Enduro for Romania''

What happens with my gear?

  • We will wash it and prepare it for sale.
  • The items will be sold at the "'Flea Market'' during the 2023 Prolog.

All the money raised goes into our charity project ''Enduro for Romania"

What where the donations used for?

Our Enduro for Romania charity projects for funds contributed during Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye  were used to create and improve two Kindergartens in the Olt Valley area in the village communities of Câinenii Mici and Greblești. Google maps - Câinenii Mici  and Greblești

Câinenii Mici
The outside playground needed to be reworked completely and also the inside playing area requires a complete renovation. Our intention is to provide the Kindergarten with toys that can be moved indoors during the winter months.

We will create a playground in which we will purchase and install playground equipment in the Kindergarten.

You can contribute before, during and after the 2022 Red Bull Romaniacs by:

  • Bringing new or ''used but cleaned' motorcycle clothing and protection equipment from your home to the 2022 event for us to sell at the annual ''Enduro for Romania charity Flea market'' that will be held before and after the Prolog event in 2022.
  • If you can provide free NEW 'company brand products'' that we can sell at the Enduro Flea market please contact Sigrid Freinademetz sigridf@xventure.net
  • Contribute with a direct cash donation into the charity account for our association „hai la miscare“(Euro account): RO44 RZBR 0000 0600 1882 7107
  • Leave your dirty used event motorcycle clothing and protection equipment after competing in the Red Bull Romaniacs 2022 event, we will wash them, sort them, store them for the 2023 'Enduro for Romania' charity Enduro Flea market.


In 2018 3800 Euro (approximately 17,000 Romanian Lei) was raised by *the Competitors, families & friends, the fans and staff of Red Bull Romaniacs.

A special warm thank you - to all those who contributed to, donated to, or bought from the ''Enduro for Romania Flea market''.

What were the donations used for?
It has been used to purchase special books and logopedic adaptive toys for children suffering from Down Syndrome for the Jiu Valley Down Sindrome Association .
They have over 30 children with this condition in their care and no money options since it`s one of the poorest regions of Romania.
These purchases are designed to stimulate and improve their students learning abilities. 

In addition *WE donated money to purchase playground equipment for a kindergarten school in the Valea Jiului area led by Mrs. Anita Burlacu.
The previous play area had literally nothing for the children.

Special thanks goes out to Andreas Brunhofer from Austria who raised 1800 Euros during his birthday by asking friends and family to donate to the Enduro for Romania charity rather than buying birthday presents.

In 2017 Donations went where?
We were able to raise 6,300 Euro. The bank cheque was handed over on August 17. 2017 to the Sibiu County Hospital - Neonatology Premature Baby Department and The Ambulance service.

1. Neonatal section of Sibiu County Hospital
 We have further improved the conditions in the Neonatal section of Sibiu County Hospital. 

 Over 400 prematurely new born babies per year are in desperate need of incubators, which provide special conditions for them to grow and develop properly. The hospital has only 25 incubators, only 10 of them being new, the rest came from donations from Germany and Holland and are now really, really outdated. Most incubators arrived in Sibiu in the early 90's. 
One standard incubator costs around 5-6000 Euro and can offer the chance of life for about 250 prematurely born kids in their 10 years life span.  
The hospital needs 15 more incubators.  

2. Ambulance
We are also supporting the Ambulance Service in Sibiu. The Ambulance County Service Sibiu also heavily depends on donations for the purchase of latest life saving technology.  Earlier this year they received a donation for a continuous cardiac massage machine - the ''Lucas'', the first such device in Sibiu County. A device like this is needed on every ambulance.
 Lucas is a mechanical pneumatic device to provide chest compressions, providing the best solution for proper cardio respiratory resuscitation as well as constant and uninterrupted chest compressions. According to statistics the success rate of resuscitation is doubled when the Lucas device is available. In 2016 ambulance doctors successfully managed to resuscitate ca. 30% of patients with cardio-respiratory arrest. The cost of a Lucas device is about 10,000 Euros. 
We will contribute to support the purchase of the next LUCAS device for Sibiu county ambulances. 

Even though standards in Romania are growing closer to what most people are used to in Western Europe, there is still poverty and desperation in the rural areas.  Despite their tough rural lifestyles and poverty the local people welcome our event into their neighbourhoods – with generous hospitality and enthusiastic support for the competitors who come to compete from all over the World.
We began by raising funds to support those in need - in the remote areas, by renovating schools, equipping medical-aid points and delivering supplies.

To raise even more funds, we began hosting in 2016 a Flea market with used and excess motorcycle Enduro clothing and protection equipment. We encouraged all our competitors, fans, and friends and motorcycle spectators to bring anything they can spare: all for a good cause!  
We collect and store products during the year, and have donated boxes full of unused equipment, collected memorabilia items, sponsored products: to have available merchandise to host the Enduro Flea market.

The charity 'Enduro for Romania' Enduro Flea market concept proved successful in 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 so we will continue it again from 2022.

Our first 'Enduro for Romania' charity project was in 2016:
 We were able to raise about 6.000 Euros. The bank cheque was handed over in August 2016 to the Sibiu County Hospital Neonatology Premature Baby Department.
It was a very emotional moment:
This contribution was used for the purchase of screening devices (oximeters) for the early detection of congenital heart malformations to save babies lives. 

Congenital heart malformations' are the most common congenital anomalies detected in new borns (9 out of 1000 live births). Of these 17% are congenital heart malformations that evolve with cyanosis and can be easily detected by clinical examination. Not all congenital malformations of the heart show symptoms in the neonatal period, early detection rate in more recent years has decreased the number of losses due to heart abnormalities, heart failure and has increased survival rates in new born babies. Most critical cases can be determined by clinical examination and pulse oximetry, confirmed by echocardiography and treatment may be given, a provisional prostaglandin E, hospitalisation in a cardio vascular surgical department and corrective surgical palliative remedies.

Livia Ognean, MD Neonatology

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