Guide jobs

Want to see “Red Bull Romaniacs” from another side?

The longest, toughest hard enduro rallye in the world, there are several guide job tasks to be filled.
This race is organised by enduro competitors for enduro competitors and we are looking for skilful enduro competitors to help us organise the best hard enduro rallye in the world.
Whats stopping you joining us?  You will be working with a team of other experienced people and you will get to see “behind the scenes” of Red Bull Romaniacs. We are offering you an unforgettable time and an adventure on the tracks of our race. In exchange we need your expertise as a past or present enduro competitor on the racetrack.

There are several different jobs to choose from:-
Openers: Are highly skilled enduro and former competitors who open the racetrack before the competitors. Sometimes there are fences to open, farmers to be informed or other problems to be solved, They must be able to ride at race speed for at least one third of the racetrack. Fitness and good riding pace is required.  All five race classes use openers every day, openers will be allocated a competitor class that suits their riding skill level.

Sweepers: They close the track behind the last competitors. A sweeper will be able to ride almost the full race track with a group of other helpers. Sometimes helping competitors with mechanical problems or other problems they face during the race. A sweepers fitness should be on a good level and their riding skills and endurance above average.

Rescue guides: Will be allocated to one of our Rescue points. They will be working in a team of two persons per Rescue point. One guide will have medical qualification (Either a Doctor, Paramedic, Mountain rescue) and the other assisting guide does not need a medical qualification.  The rescue teams job is to be first medical responders!  Working in co-operation with the race headquarters they help solve different medical scenarios. Intermediate riding skills are required.

For ALL the above Jobs it is necessary for guides to bring their own GPS with handlebar mounting and must be able to operate a GPS with basic navigation skills!  Guides must supply their own enduro clothing/protection equipment with a fully prepared enduro motorbike and carry a rucksack containing basic First aid equipment, a rescue blanket, water, motorcycle tools, spare GPS batteries and a jacket for rain protection.

Openers and Sweepers guides will get Full race accreditation including lodging, food, pasta at the offroad finish, personalised race shirt, event T-shirt, fuel on race days, full track access, invitation to the track tour in May.  Openers and Sweepers must bring their own motorbike, tyres, mousses, spare parts, own motorcycle clothing and protection equipment, GPS including handlebar mounting and must have personal insurance cover.

Costs: We ask for a basic organisation fee which includes all above mentioned services. For all new guides we ask €350,- to be paid at the accreditation. If you come again the following year the fee goes down to €250,-. For the track tour in May you will be on your own costs supported by our organisation.

Medics and Medical team guides will get Full race accreditation including lodging, food, pasta at the finish, personalised race shirt, event T-shirt, fuel on race days, They will be provided with a ''First responder backpack'', full track access, and an invitation to the track tour in May. Medics and Medical guides must bring their own enduro motorcycle, tyres, mousses, spare parts, motorcycle clothing/protection equipment, GPS including handlebar mounting and have personal insurance cover. Qualified medics will receive cost compensation. Every Rescue team will get all services provided free of charge!   
For the track tour in May you will be on your own costs supported by our organisation.

The xventure SRL organising company for Red Bull Romaniacs team looks forward to your active application.
Send an email application to Teo Isac with the following information:--
- Your age?
- Make and model of your motorcycle for Guide job?
- State your mechanical knowledge
- Your offroad riding skills and race experience, raced where?, which class?, your results?
- your medical knowledge? (if exists)
- add your phone number

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