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Be with us, be ONLINE from your home, from your workplace.

How to follow Red Bull Romaniacs

Many people in the worldwide enduro community ask, How can?  Where can?  we watch the race.

Sadly not everyone can come to Romania, Sibiu and be a spectator.
We bring the Romaniacs event to you online on your mobile phone, TV, Laptop, personal computer directly from the home page of the Red Bull Romaniacs website.  We will keep you Red Bull extreme hard enduro rallye entertained.

Follow the Race program, the event calender which informs you what is happening ! and when during the event.

2023 Prolog Finals - Tuesday July 25 in:

2023 and  2022 LIVEnews posts
Before and 'during the event LIVEnews' as it is happening. 
Video and photographs and news reports from all around the event.

Watch our 2023 daily LIVEstreaming of:=
- The LIVEmaniacs Nation's city ride
- Event opening ceremony
- Prolog Finals races
- LIVEmaniacs Offroad special stages
- LIVEmaniacs final Hill climb

View and keep track of a Competitor or Competitors progress by staying on the Red Bull Romaniacs website event home page
visit the Results pages on our website to get detailed Competitor race progress information from every checkpoint.

Visit our Social wall - it provide reports from
- journalist, reporters and enduro Social media outlets
- Media competitors
- Red Bull Media house
- Red Bull Romana
- Red
- endurolife
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Red Bull Romaniacs 'In madness we trust'  Edition 19  July 26-30,2022
The 'Nations city ride' and media show - July 25, 2022
Watch the 2022 Livestream REPLAY 
Hundred's and hundred's of motorcycles took part in the parade into and past some of the most Iconic medivlandscapes in the centre of Sibiu and
then filmed the Gold class Competitors practice at the 'Prolog media show'.

The 'Prolog Finals' races - July 26, 2022
Watch the 2022 Livestream REPLAY which was online streamed directly from the centre of Sibiu

Daily Red Bull Romaniacs - LIVEmaniacs online livestreaming
Online streaming off the 'LIVEmaniacs offroad stages' with Gold Class / F.I.M Hard Enduro World Championship competitors (HEWC) & Gold class amatuer competitors, 
Watch the daily REPLAYS - 'LIVEmaniacs offroad stages' competitors in the toughest hard enduro wilderness.
LIVEmaniacs special stage 1 - Wednesday July 27. 2022
LIVEmaniacs special stage 2 - Thursday July 28. 2022
LIVEmaniacs special stage 3 - Friday July 29. 2022
LIVEmaniacs special stage 4 & final Hill climb - Saturday July 30. 2022

2022 RBR LIVEnews posts
Before and during the event news as it is happening. 
Video and photographs and news reports from all around the event.

Red Bull Media house produce daily videos clips as well as an event highlight during the event week and publish many other short videos too including 'Personal on Board videos' (POV) from selected major stars from the hard enduro rallye world.
You can view many years of their awesome productions in our Video archives

2022 FIM Hard enduro world championship - round 5 - Red Bull Romaniacs news and video clips

2022 Red Bull Romaniacs clips on Red Bull tv events

Watch Red Bull Romaniacs on Red Bull tv on any of your media devices by downloading the Red Bull app

The Red Bull Romaniacs clothing and products collection

Anyone can purchase Romaniacs products from the ONLINE event SHOP and have them delivered to their home. 

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