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How to follow Red Bull Romaniacs

Many people in the worldwide enduro community ask, How can?  Where can?  we see race information

You can view archives of captured video and photographs.
Red Bull media house provide filmers at fantastic action locations to provide the online public with video footage which can be viewed in our Red Bull Romaniacs social media Facebook, Instagram, Youtube
- Watch ALL our event years videos archives 
- View Results pages on our website
- Race program - What is happening each day ?
- Watch the 2021 Red Bull Romaniacs clips on Red Bull tv events

View the 2021 LIVE news posts - 'created as the event happened'
Time trial qualification   Offroad day 1     Offroad day 2     Offroad day 3      Offroad day 4

Get Red Bull tv on any of your media devices by dowloading the Red Bull app

An interesting fact:  Red Bull Romaniacs has a competitors focus change:   
We have returned ''back to the original roots'' of NO Assisting competitors on the track!!
A time penalty will be applied to any competitor being physically assisted to aid their track progress by assistants, service crews, family, friends, fans or Media on ANY part of the race track. It is the Competitors reponsibility to STOP people from assisting!!  Competitors may be assisted only by ''OFFICIAL Romaniacs track staff'' who will be available to advice competitors at the toughest and most difficult sections.

Competitors are challenged to fight the difficult tracks ALONE, to tackle the wild Romania terrain and alone defeat the vertical and decent challenges prepared for them by Romaniacs organiser Martin Freinademetz and Track Director Teo Isac and his teams of Romanian and International offroad track managers.
We will have ''official track managers'' at the most difficult points, advising and encouraging the competitors, helping them by pointing out the best lines so the competitors can make SOLO attempts to conquer the worst of worst goat trails, those tracks that just look totally impossible, and the terrain that only wild animals visit. 

Views of Romania as your future tourist destination.

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We work hard for the enduro community to have the toughest hardest enduro rallye in the world take place.
Our priority and focus is to make the July 26-30. 2022 event happen.

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