Responsible enduro riding

Manifesto for responsible enduro riding

Sibiu County has been host to the world's toughest hard enduro rallye, Red Bull Romaniacs, for over 17 years.
This sport has developed over this period thanks to an excellent collaboration between rallye organizers and public authorities.
Located in the heart of Transylvania, Sibiu County is one of the most attractive places in the country due to the diversity of the racetracks and wonderful landscapes which make this such a memorable race every time for competitors and their fans all over the world.

The name of Sibiu is worn by the Red Bull Romaniacs rallye on all continents of the globe.
The last two editions were watched by tens of millions of viewers, both on television and online networks, and attracted competitors from over 50 nations, all of whom are watching the (profile publications) in their countries of origin.

The mountainous region of Sibiu County covers about 30% of the area, much of this mountainous territory was included in the Natura 2000 site administration.

The main purpose of these sites is to protect the diversity of plant and animal species.
Cindrel Natural Park, the alpine pocket of the Fagaras Mountains, the Cindrel Iezere Natural Reserve are just a few of the natural reserves that create this unique diversity of the mountainous area of Sibiu county.

Protected natural areas include 27 habitat types, 33 species of animals and plants of community interest, and over 300 species of plants and animals of interest.
These areas, as well as the other sites that are part of the Natura 2000 sites, are forbidden to motorsports for obvious reasons.

"We encourage practicing this sport in a respectful and responsible manner. The natural beauty of this county is what attracted us all in practicing this sport in Romania and in Sibiu County. 
However, Enduro competitors must understand the importance of protecting these natural beauties and the importance of nature regeneration.

It is necessary for all practitioners of this sport to work with the local authorities in the areas they wish to access and to give respect to the communities in which they operate.
Likewise, I would also like more respect among all those who want to practice different sports in these wonderful areas, enduro, bikers or nature enthusiasts” says Martin Freinademetz, organiser of Red Bull Romaniacs.

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