27 Saturday: Final hill climbs arena

2024 Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye 
Saturday July 27      Limitless     Edition 21 

The competitors last challenge, the 'Final hill climbs finish arena', spectator points at Dealul Gușterița, Sibiu

Followed by the The OVERALL top 3 Podium competitors from Gold, Silver, Bronze, Iron, Atom. The event 'Winners podium presentation'

Google maps directions Sibiu to the Offroad finish
GPS coordinates N45° 48' 48" E24° 12' 03"

Spectator Terms and Conditions.

As a viewing spectator I will take special care when entering and viewing the area and when at or near any part of the track or motorcycles..
I will stay behind the barriers in the designated spectator areas and follow instructions provided by event officials and Jandarmeria(Police).    
I, therefore, agree NOT to take any unnecessary risks and to keep a safe distance away from the motorcycle activities.

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