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Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye    Limitless    Edition 21  July 23-27. 2024

Are you planning to visit the event as a spectator?
Here is information that will help you plan and get the most from your trip:
Visit Sibiu, Views of Romania    21 Years of Red Bull Romaniacs 

The event base camp is the city of Sibiu, Romania.

If you are travelling from outside Romania, we would recommend arriving before before July 18 and departing after July 30 to be sure that you enjoy Sibiu, and get to visit some of the tourist surrounding areas before all the Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye motorcycle action starts on Monday July 22 and continues until early morning Sunday July 28.
Here is a local Sibiu contact for assisting with organsing accommodation | flights | rental cars | tours around transilvania | Day tours in Sibiu
Crina Ujupan crina.ujupan@ctc.travel of the Carpathian travel center

Spectator program
Monday July 22 -  The Event opening Ceremony
Perfect photo shooting & video filming for Media journalists & TV
13:30  Nations 'City ride'  The Motorcycle parade begins at the Competitor paddock and goes right through the city centre to the Prolog.
at Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu
13:45 Gold class competitors DEMOmaniacs obstacle testing the 2024 Prolog.
- Opening Welcome - with presentation and interviews with the hard enduro superstars
- Meet & greet, - selfies & signatures with the superstars

07:30-12:00 Tuesday July 23 - Prolog qualifications 
In the heart of Sibiu, the Prolog time trial qualifications | 07:30 Silver class | 08:40 Bronze | 10:40 Iron | 11:30 Atom | .
Competitors are competing to try to be one of the 35 competitors who qualify to be in the 17:00 Prolog Final races.

16:00 Gold class qualifications 
17:00 The Prolog Final races Watch the action LIVE as competitors tackle daunting obstacles in front of thousands of spectators..

Wednesday July 24 to Saturday July 27 - The four Offroad days
The first competitor usually starts around 06:30-07:00, Iron class around 09:00; first finish arrivals around lunch time.
Each day features an Offroad start, a mandatory Service Point and an Offroad finish for the competitors, in between there are many Spectator Points for visitors to view - however not all of them can be reached during the day - so you'll have to pick them wisely.

The Offroad day 4 FINISH takes place at the spectacular Offroad hill climbs finish arena just outside Sibiu, the podium WINNERS ceremony happens around mid-day.

The evening will be dominated by the legendary Romaniacs After party 

Spectator point details
The exact Offroad days locations and the details how to get to the various spectator points are published one week prior the event.

All days spectator information [in English]
Toate zilele informații despre spectatori [Puncte Spectatori - Limba Română]

Daily details
July 22 Monday  Event Opening ceremony  which includes the 13:30 Nations 'City ride'
July 23 Tuesday In-City Prolog qualifications in the morning and the Prolog Finals races in the afternoon
July 24 Wednesday Offroad day 1 spectator points [in English]  [Puncte Spectatori - Limba Română]
July 25 Thursday     Offroad day 2 spectator points [In English]  [Puncte Spectatori - Limba Română]
July 26 Friday          Offroad day 3 spectator points [In English]  [Puncte Spectatori - Limba Română]
July 27 Saturday      
- Offroad day 4 spectator points [In English]  [Puncte Spectatori - Limba Română]
- Final hill climbs finish Arena [In English]  [Puncte Spectatori - Limba Română]
The evening will be dominated by the legendary Romaniacs After party 

We hope to see you in Sibiu
Come and join the ever growing and freindly 'Romaniacs worldwide hard enduro rallye, friends, supporters and family'
If you can't come to Sibiu,  participate with us Online How to watch online.

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