The 'Nations city ride' & Media show

Monday July 25 - ALL Competitors - 'Nations city ride' to the Prolog

13:00 Assembly point at the Competitor paddock - Strada Betonului, Sibiu, 557260
ALL race classes, ALL competitors with their enduro motorcycles, enduro clothing and their national flags attached to motorcycles.
Helmets are mandatory, must be worn!  - road legality restrictions do apply - no speeding.
13:30  ALL 2022 competitors lead by 'Martin Freinademetz & Andy Fazekas & Gold class competitors', for the 'City ride' to watch the
pre-event Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye 2022 ''Media Show'' at the Prolog - Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu, Sibiu

14:00 Event welcome from Martin Freinademetz and Andy Fazekas at  Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu to -
Competitors, competitor assistants, service crews, event supporters, fans and spectators and media teams.
14:05 The Prolog media show -The pre-event photo shooting / video filming for media journalists and television.
Gold class and hard enduro World championship series competitors will practice on the Prolog obstacles.

14:20 - Press conference/ Competitor presentation followed by media interviews with Gold class and invited competitors.

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