Time trial qualification

The 'Time trial qualification'(TTQ

More information will be available here closer to the 2021 event.

What does the 'Time trial qualifications' racetrack look like?

  • Each competitor starts the qualification in allocated race number order.
  • It will be approximately 8 to 18 kilometres in length, depending on the competitor race class.
  • Each competitor will have a race track 'difficulty level' suitable for the class they are competing in.
  • There will be starting intervals to avoid start and race queuing. 
  • LIVE results and LIVE event news are available.

Qualifications - Rules and regulations

  • The 'time trial qualification' starting line order is selected from previous year results ranking and then by order of registered and paid.
  • Motorcycles and competitors to offroad 'start line' where controls will be made:-
    - motorcycle Technical checks
    - Competitors Bib # racing numbers have been fitted above headlamp & and on rear panels
    - Have the supplied Red Bull organiser sponsor front mudguard stickers been fitted
  • Competitors must wear the provided 'name & BIB race numbers' on the rear of race shirt or rucksack

  • A competitors (TTQ) results rank determines their starting order for the 'Offroad day 1' race.
  • -The riding time of a competitor is calculated by adding the actual riding time on the track plus given time penalties.
    All the Regulations for offroad days are applied - ONLY the abandoned rule(AB) will NOT be applied .
  • Offroad day 1 starting order for the top 3 in each class.
    - place #3 becomes the first competitor to leave the offroad day 1 start.
    - place #2 becomes the second.
    - place #1 becomes the third.
    All the other competitors starting order is selected in order of qualification results #4 to the last competitor.

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