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Sibiu centre - walk around tour
Photograph time-lap video by Adrian Dumitrescu
Sibiu 825 years of. by Dumitru Budrala. Subtitles EN DE FR HU IT JP RU CHI

Placed in the central south-eastern area of Europe, Romania is a wonderful country that shows diversity through its marvellous landscapes and its friendly inhabitants.

Romania is a member of the European Union; the country is divided in six main geographical and historical areas:

Transilvania | Moldova | Banat

Dobrogea | Muntenia | Oltenia.

Romania, history goes all the back from the Austria-Hungarian Empire to the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Sultans.

Aside the ancient cities it hosts (Alba-Iulia – Apullum; Cluj-Napoca; Constanta – Tomis). Romania is home to a lot of medieval towns and fortresses (Brasov – Kronstadt; Fagaras, Sighisoara) and Sibiu (Hermannstadt) is one of them.

Sibiu was the European Capital of Culture 2007, alongside Luxembourg. The main tourist points in Sibiu are:-

  • The Brukenthal National Museum
  • Clock Tower (great views from the top)
  • National Museum Complex “Astra”
  • The Historical Town Center
  • The coffee shops and restaurants within the medieval walls.  Piata Mica a favourite.
  • The architecture.
  • Very old Churches
  • Catholic Church
  • Orthodox Cathedral
  • The Evangelic Church
  • Its wonderful parks (Sub Arini, Astra) and forests close to city.
  • The main street where we run the Prolog.
  • and of course, the closeness to wonderful and truly marvellous enduro rallye terrain.
Arena Platos

17 summer activities. Fun park with summer sledge, zip line, cross-country and downhill trails, zorbing ball, bag jump etc. 

This awesome playground for kids and adults opens June 25 till October 16; Monday to Friday 11:00-18:00, weekends 10:00 - 19:00


Village Museum ASTRA

Adress Strada Padurea Dumbrava, nr 16-20  (Not open Mondays)

The actual exhibition occupies 42 hectares, there are two restaurants, a playground, a lake , four parks, over 10 km of trails bettwen the old villages houses, numerous resting areas

Fortress Cisnadioara

Drive to west exit from Sibiu in direction Rasinari, and then follow the Cisnadioara signs. Cisnadioara its about 13 km from Sibiu. After you visit the fortress you can have a nice eating time at the Appfel House restaurant.

Ocna Sibiului

Ocna Sibiului it is at 17 km from Sibiu, here are many salt lakes were you can swim and enjoy the good weather.

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