22: Event Opening ceremony

Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye
July 23-27. 2024   Limitless   Edition 21
Sibiu, Romania

Competitors arrive into the centre of Sibiu
Hundred's of enduro motorcycles will pass by some of the most iconic and photographed landmarks of Sibiu, the Bridge of lies, the small square, then driving underneath the Council clock tower through the large square in the very centre of the Sibiu city centre to the Prolog location on Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu.

Monday July 22. 2024
Spectate or watch ONLINE the 2024: Event Opening Ceremony 

13:00  Competitors 'assembly lineup' at the Competitor paddock entrance       
13:30  The 64 'Nation's city ridemotorcycle parade to the Prolog on Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu
- ALL race classes, ALL competitors with their enduro motorcycles, wearing enduro clothing and their national flags attached to the motorcycles.
- helmets are mandatory, must be worn! - road legality restrictions apply.
13:30 ALL competitors lead by 'Martin Freinademetz & Andy Fazekas & the Gold class competitors', leave together for the 'Nation's City ride' motorcycle parade to the city's medieval historical centre.
A fantastic photograph and video opportunity for competitor assistants, service crews, event supporters, fans and spectators and the media teams. Everyone can then follow the competitors to the Prolog on Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu
Note: - On arrival at the Prolog motorcycle parking will be beside the Prolog track- follow the 'motorcycle parking marshals' instructions
Gold class competitors lineup behind the Red Bull starting Arch. 

13:45  Media showtime at the Bulevardul Corneliu Coposu
Photo shooting & video filming for Media journalists & TV of the Gold DEMOmaniacs obstacle testing the 2024 Prolog.

14:00  LEATT Event opening Ceremony by organiser Martin Freinademetz.
14:05  Press conference - Media interviews with selected Gold class and invited Competitors for local, national and international media
14:20  Meet and Greet - an opportunity for fans and spectators to meet the world's hard enduro rallye stars, selfie's and autographs.   

Spectator Terms and Conditions.
As a viewing spectator I will take special care when entering and viewing the Prolog area and when at or near any part of the Prolog track.
I will stay behind the barriers in the designated spectator areas and follow instructions provided by event officials and Jandarmeria(Police).    
I, therefore, agree NOT to take any unnecessary risks and to keep a safe distance away from the motorcycle activities.

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