Information about the qualifications

With the Prologue out of the picture due to the new pandemic regulations, we have created a new way to sort out the race order for the first offroad day, a Time Trial Qualification session for all classes. And it`s probably the most enjoyable track in Romaniacs history, so get ready for some good flowing tracks with a couple of warmer sections. The Time Trial Qualification has an offroad start, one check-point and an offroad finish.


The Gold Class competitors will face a 17 km track, with a best estimated riding time of 48 minutes.

The Sliver Class takes a km less than the Gold, with 45 minutes estimated riding time.

Bronze Class competitors will ride a 14 km track, with 41 minutes best estimated riding time

From here on it gets a little easier, the Iron Class riders will only have 10 km of track to do, estimated at 35 mins riding time

This year, Red Bull Romaniacs opened a brand new class, for enduro enthusiasts who are not quite there but who want to build experience and, maybe, join a harder class next year. The brand new Atom Class competitors will ride for 8 km in the Time Trial Qualifications, a track that should not take them more than 35 minutes to complete.

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