Media Competitor - Craig Roberts

A Gumby does Romaniacs - Season 2

Craig Roberts Bronze class #336 originally from Wales/Uk(GBR) now living in Australia made the request to be a 2022 'Media competitor' to be able to do 'On board camera filming' during Red Bull Romaniacs for reports for his social media channel HARD ENDURO ADDICT.

His Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye daily videos and reports tell us about his pre-event preparations, before and during the event and about the challenge he has set himself to become for a second time an all important Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro 'Event Finisher.'.

Craigs Romaniacs 2022 VLOG's
Graham Jarvis on the Media Run & More    "Part 1 First Blood"     Ep 2 "My Prolog"

Ep 3. Offroad day 1    Ep 4 Offroad day 2    
Ep 5  Offroad day 3    Ep 6 Offroad day 4

Urban Enduro at Romaniacs 2022   The last 5 km to the finish

Craig's tips for 'First timers' who wish to race Red Bull Romaniacs
Part 1. Preparation
Part 2. In Sibiu
Part 3. The Prolog
Part 4 "Race Time Tips"
The MOST Important Figure & Training Guide


Note: On Board camera filming during Red Bull Romaniacs Offroad event days is not permitted without written and agreed permissions.

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