Offroad Day 1 - starting order

Offroad Day One of the toughest hard-enduro event in the world is about to begin. Riders from 5 diffrent classes will face the challenges of the Carpathian mountains, steep downhills, rocky uphills and a variety of terrain challenges that will push them to the limits.

Gold Class: 

1. Billy Bolt

2. Alfredo Gomez

3. Wade Young

4. Graham Jarvis

5. Manuel Lettenbichler

Silver Class:

1. Peter Weiss

2. Poirot Fabien

3. Joe Deakin

4. Adrian Mihu

5. Shane Moss

Bronze Class:

1. Stefan Rieger

2. Eddie Findling

3. Alexander Gehlert

4. Daniel Fasching

5. Richard Lambert

Iron Class:

1. Luis Monteiro de Carvahlo

2. Emanuel Gyenes

3. Courty Romain

4. Bernard Jean-Francois

5. Pedro Zapata Gil 

Atom Class:

1. Reverte Euzebio

2. Mourino Firmin

3. Rich Mumford

4. Bouvier Laurent

5. Mateescu Dan Stefan


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