Q&A with Sandra Gomez & Martin Freinademetz

Sandra Gomez has arrived here in Sibiu & decided to interview our mastermind. The Spaniard has a strong background in trials and a few years ago she decided to give hard enduro a shot. She now aims to be the first woman to successfully complete the Gold Class in the worlds toughest hard enduro rally.

Sandra: Where did the name Vertical Madness come from?

Martin: In Romania, we have many steep uphills and downhills, so the Vertical Madness was perfect for what we like to do most.

Sandra: But it’s scary for us…

Martin: I can guarantee you that we don’t have any sections that are over hanging!


Sandra: Do you have any recommendations for the new riders?

Martin: It’s always good to start a class lower to see what Romaniacs is about and to realize that you are five days on the bike and this needs some power and force. If it is dry it is a bit easier, if it is wet it gets uglier. Of course, if it is wet, we take some sections out, but still even some easy sections can become difficult when they are wet; you can slide down sections where you wouldn’t expect to slide, and you can lose energy and time. You have only 8 to10 hours to ride and in this time you need to make it to the finish.


Sandra: Do you have any training tips for the Romaniacs competitors?


Martin: The most important is to be comfortable on your bike and especially the amateur riders need to work on their technique. If you need to lift your bike you lose energy. If the amateur has a certain riding level, he will make it, but in the Gold class, you need to be at your fittest. If you are not at the highest level of physical shape then you can’t make it.


Sandra challenged Martin to race the Gold class. Press play and you will find out if he has ever had a taste of his own medicine and if he is willing to accept the five day challenge.

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