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Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye
July 25-29. 2023 The Impossible  Edition 20

RBR LIVEnews was created for ONLINE event spectators to be able to follow the race 'as it is happening'.
Short videos, photographs and reports using smart phones are sent to the Race HQ from a large dedicated team of RBR LIVEnews reporters, these include valuable contributions from Track Managers from the very difficult to reach ''out there on the mountain tracks'' locations.
.Event founder and Organiser Martin Freinademetz also sends in many short videos. From his mobile phone and Onboard camera, he sends competitor interviews and reports from the track side locations he visits.
Our 'LIVEnews editing and publication team' (Content Creation Team) in the event race headquarter receive the RBR LIVEnews reports and get them online for public viewing as soon as possible.

'RBR LIVEnews' & 'LIVE race results progress' of competitors can be viewed during racing from the home page of Red Bull Romaniacs.

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