...with a little help from my Friends

Iron class riders dancing to the tune of that Beatles song - that's the spirit!

You know who gets the beers tonight  Gediminas Satkus Iron class from Lithuania?

Outside help is NOT allowed,.competitors helping each other to unblock the track is allowed.
Who else is going to be out there in the wild wilderness of Romania to help?
That's what Dougie the event Race Director tells us
Romaniacs event regulations
9. Event rules and penalties
9.2 Assisting competitors on the track
- 15 minute time penalty will be applied to any competitor being physically assisted to aid their track progress by assistants, service crews, family, friends, fans or Media on ANY part of the race track. It is the Competitors reponsibility to STOP people from assisting!!  
Competitors may be assisted only by ''OFFICIAL Romaniacs track staff'' who will be available to advice competitors at the toughest and most difficult sections.
- Competitors can assist each other - ONLY when by doing so it keeps the race track from being blocked.
- Competitors must not make competative time advantages by repetitively assisting each other during the event.

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