EVENT Registration

Event registrations

The popular Competitor 2022 Bronze, Iron and Silver race class starting places for Edition 19 'In madness we trust' July 26-30. 2022 are FULL,
Starting places are still available in Gold and Atom race classes. CLICK HERE to register to race
BUT twenty three! 
people can RESERVE a Competitor 2023 starting place by registering and then making a 2023(twenty three) event Registration non-refundable event installment payment of 260 Euro.

If you think you have very, very ''special enduro talent'' and have good reasons why we should especially offer you the opportunity to compete in the 2022 Red Bull Romaniacs event then please send an email to  cristinab@xventure.net with an explanation why you believe you should be included.

CLICK HERE to register to race


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