Results system update

We created new results displays,

Displays DURING the race the OVERALL race progress ranking
Offroad Day 4  / Offroad Day 3  / Offroad Day 2  / Offroad Day 1

For viewing by:-
- Supporters and fans, mechanics, service crew,  family and friends
- during event LiveNews team, Worldwide Media, Red Bull media house, Red Bull Motorsports, Red Bull Romania. motorsport websites

It provides historical results records - so any time, anyone can view how each competitor has performed.

Top tip 
In the results pages use the 'results selector'.
You can watch results as they happen during event by either :-
all competitors from a Nation   (example from - GBR)
select competitors by bib number(s)  (examples 100, 104, 120)
select by competitor a name    (examples  Jarvis, Dmitry, Artem)

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