Photo Service

Terms & Conditions

  1. General provisions. The present convention represents a selling contract in a simplified form, in the terms of the new civile code, signed and agreed throught the buyer’s consent regarding the seller’s conditions, with strict abidance of Law number 8/1996 regarding intellectual property rights. Through the online payment for the required photograph, the seller agress and expressly consents with reffer to all the established conditions by the copyright holders, from case to case.
  2. Buyer’s accept. The buyer, through the present, expressly recedes from the right to apply for the refund of the payed amount, assuming the risk for the eventuality that, after the payment, the buyer detects certain irregularities or image vices regarding the acquired photograph. The buyer’s consent regarding the provisions of the present, established by the copyright owner equals to the tacit acceptance of the photograph and of all its properties immanent to the techniqual qualities. What is more, the buyer assumes the risk for any incidental consequence or any loss direct or indirect caused by the occurance of the situation that led to the incongruity between the image vices of the specific photograph with what was initialy presented, regarding the strict policy of our website for the exclusive commercialising of original, artless pictures, and regarding which there has been an assignment of the copyrights!
  3. Exemption of the responsability. In the eventuality that, from causes that are not imputable nor to the buyer or to the seller, the procedure of downloading the acquired photograph does not end properly, due to a technical error, or due to a wrongful indication of the desired e-mail address where the above mentioned link where the photos should be downloaded from, the buyer shall be bound with the following obligation: to notify the the copyright owner that is in charge with the comercialising of the specific photograph, in order to repair the occured incident; if not, in the lack of such a notification, it shall be presumed that the indicated e-mail address was correct and the procedure of the release of the photograph was succesfully finalised, the photo reaching its destination-the buyer’s e- mail.
  4. Conditions for the selling of the photograph through the present website: The moral component of the copyright regarding the desired photograph will still belong to the photographer that took it, including the right to pretend the fully respect of the integrity of the picture as well as to retract it( of course, with the strict abidance by the conditions agreed between him and the assignee of the copyright, the named LITO SLU. The patrimonial component of the copyright regarding the photograph in case, in specific the right of usage of the photograph(including the right to decide the manners of use, the right to consent to third parties using the picture, the right to benefit from the material advanges deriving from the sell, the right to resist any abusive usage of the picture, the right to reporduce the picture for commerce purposes as well as the right to distribute it, import it or borrow it), belong to LITO SLU and the photographer accordingly to their specific convention .
  5. Rights of the buyer. By means of payment and in exchange, the right to download picture, the buyer is allowed to use the picture for private purposes as well as for the purpose of conceiving redactional or informational materials, accordingly to the laws and to the journalistic and media ethical code. The buyer, through the download of the photograph he has payed for, becomes a copy from the original picture, but not a subsequent patrimonial right as this present simplified selling contract does not constitute a assignment contract of the copyright, meaning the right of usage in the terms of Law nr. 8/1996, but only a permission accorded by the holder of the copyright for the usage of the buyer in the striclty limited purposes that have been accepted through payment.
  6. Final provisions. The adaptation of the photograph, that exceeds the technical aspects, is strictly forbidden without the written consent expressed by the assignee of the copyright, meaning LITO SLU. The subsequent transmission of the photograph in case, especially for commercial or advertising purposes is stricly forbidden. The neglection of these conditions opens the path to a judicial action for the repair of the damage caused for the assigner as well as for the assignee. The logo or any other distinctive sign belonging to LITO SLU or the competition organiser, RED BULL ROMANIACS, that are inserted in the photographs oferred for selling, cannot be removed, modified or changed, in such manner that the source of provenance of the photograph and of the author would be changed. In the eventuality of any other misunderstandings, please contact as at: