2019 movie: Enduro is a vertical sport

Red Bull Romaniacs hard enduro rallye
July 30-August 3. 2019  Edition Sweet 16

The movie 'Hard enduro is a vertical sport'

Featuring “hard-enduro” and it’s friends “Drama” and “Tragedy”.
Watch real heroes compeating at the world’s toughest hard enduro rallye.
Lots of action, exclusive "behind the scenes”- material and epic stories.

Select either English or Deutsch or Français

Executive Producer: Volker Jacob Camera: Michael Rusam and Red Bull Media House team Edit: Michael Rusam, Razvan Matei Thank You: The team of the Red Bull Romaniacs - for making this adventure happen. Red Bull Media House - for their support and great co-operation. Quattro Media - for being great partners and providing the narrators. Danny and Megan - for being natural stars and super nice. Music: Red Bull Media House In-Between / David Furrer (AKM) Fire / David Furrer (AKM) A Great Day / Darren B Loveday (PRS); Stephen Loveday (PRS) Drowning / Chad Gendason (ASCAP); Josh Kessler (ASCAP); Marc Ferrari (ASCAP) Without A Net / James Driscoll (BMI); Skinny Williams (BMI) Epico / David Furrer (AKM) Bad Boy Strut / William Davies (PRS); Edward Nutbrown (PRS); Charles Nutbrown (PRS) It's Game Time / Nicholas Patrick Soole (APRA) Ghostflame / Adam Drake (PRS); Gareth Johnson (PRS) Machinist (instr) / Matt Rose; Andy Robinson Revive Hope / Mika Tatu Julian Hamed (TEOSTO); Tuomas Matti Mikael Pitkaenen (TEOSTO) Revive Hope / Mika Tatu Julian Hamed (TEOSTO); Tuomas Matti Mikael Pitkaenen (TEOSTO) Under Control (Instrumental) / David Furrer (AKM) The Time Has Come (Instrumental) /David Furrer (AKM) The Race / Henri Nicolas Techer (BMI) Narrator: David Michael Williamsen © 2019

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